USB-ZERO usb extender for gaming or controllers with zero lag

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USB-ZERO extend up to four simultaneous controllers such as gaming controllers, keyboard, mouse, joysticks, Bluetooth dongles, printers, multimedia devices, over one RF coaxial cable up to 330Ft ( 100 Meters ) with absolute zero delay, same as directly connected to the main PC or Console.  The end-point also provides enough power to turn on any kind of controllers without requiring any additional parts.  The Controllers or USB devices will operate exactly as if directly connected to the main system. 

Please note that Because all the controllers are USB 2.0, this extender is USB 2.0, but it can also operate with 3.x devices such as disk drives at the max speed of usb 2.0

Key Features
  • USB EXTENDER Zero-Lag Long-Range KIT

  • PATENTED " Long-Range USB Extender Over Coax " to extend USB GAMING Controllers Keyboard Mouse up to 330 ft 100 m

  • ABSOLUTE ZERO-LAG cannot tell there is a USB extender between the controllers and the console or PC

  • INTEGRATED 4 PORTS HUB connects any USB 2/3 Controller, VR, Keyboard, Mouse, PADs, USB dongles, Drives, Audio, Cam, Printer

  • Works with ANY PlayStation, XBOX, Gaming PC - Can install the consoles in the AV closet and only the controllers in the game room

  • Connects to any IROVF Cable direct or via wall plate - Also works STAND-ALONE with any existing RG6 TV Cable in any room

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