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Multi Screen 4K/8K with absolute No Compression ZERO-LAG.
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Our PureFIBER HDMI 2.1 Cables delivers perfect signal integrity at any distance for absolute 4K/8K Perfection

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Explore our most popular Fiber Optic Bundles for HDMI, Networking, Surround, Offices, Meeting, Schools, Hospitality, Sports Bars, Commercial, that are the most loved by our users.


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Fibercommand is a is a Hi-Tech manufacturer of Hybrid Fiber Optic Cables products, providing solutions for the Homes, Hospitality, Entertainment, Advertising, Sport, Broadcast, Internet, Security, Surveillance, Industrial, Educational, Scientific, Consumer markets, and anywhere there is the need to connect or distribute Audio Video Internet Data with ultimate future-proof fiber optic speeds no copper cable can do.

A company dedicated to quality and stability and focusing on where it's needed most; Fibercommand "One Cable Does It All" solutions delivers next generation structured wiring connectivity to residential or commercial buildings or private homes simplifying the complexity of multiple cables to one single integrated fiber optic to connect today's and tomorrow signals & data at the speed of light.

What Is MPO Fiber Optic

MPO is the 12 Fibers Industry-Standard connector for Professional Fiber Optics, delivering the best interconnection reliability with push-pull secure lock system.
Male and Female MPO connects each others using a simple MPO Coupler available also as Wall Plate Keystone. Fibercommand Ecosystem use OM3/OM4/OM5 multi mode fiber optics over Type-A (straight - not crossed) 12 fibers connection MPO patch cords for 1.2 Terabit bandwidth per MPO cable with a length of 300 Meters (OM3) / 400 Meters (OM4) / 500 Meters (OM5)

What is a Fiber Pigtail

A fiber optic Pigtail breaks out the single fibers from the main MPO cable to connect multiple devices at once on the same main cable, direct or via wall plate.

Why use our Hi-Tech Fiber Cables

The Future is all about error-free Data Speeds
HDMI 4K requires 18 Gigabit/s
HDMI 8K requires 48 Gigabit/s
Fiber Internet requires error-free cables
CAT-5/6 copper cables stops @ 10 Gigabit/s max with also lags and speed fluctuations due to copper cable loss & errors
Copper cables cannot do Anymore!
Our cables pass 100 Gigabit/s per each fiber strand for a best & Future-Proof Installation so you never have to change the cables