Uncompressed HDMI 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDR extender over single LC fiber optic with also USB 2.0 link for Keyboard Mouse or controls.  Video is totally uncompressed with zero delay. Ideal as video expansion kit for ULTRAVISION fiber optic cables up to 12 4K 60 TVs per single cable, or with IROVF Pro up to 24 TVs 4k 60 using both the MPO fiber optic plugs of the cable.

Kit includes one HDMI 4K60 Over one LC fiber transmitter plus one HDMI 4K60 Over one LC fiber receiver and the power supplies.  No fiber optics included.

Important Note: although this device is uncompressed with zero delay, responsiveness of the usb controller might not perform absolute real time for hi-speed online gaming, while is absolutely perfect for regular mouse & keyboard operations with no latency.

FiberDocking | 4K60 HDMI KVM over 1 LC Fiber Optic Kit