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Nuestros cables HDMI 2.1 IN-Wall vienen con enchufes finales desmontables para pasar fácilmente a través de paredes y conductos y ofrecen la mejor calidad de sonido y video HD 4K 8K HDR junto con controles remotos completos para los dispositivos remotos a través del control remoto del televisor o del proyector, también con Canal de retorno de audio ARC/eARC para reproducir el sonido del proyector de TV directamente en los receptores AV
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What are TRS Plugs ?

LR Audio / XLR Audio / Spdif Audio / SubWoofer Feed / Sound Bar Aux Feed / USB Gaming Controllers / In-Room Music Players / Bluetooth Audio receivers / Data / 232 / 485 / Bus / IR Remote Controls / Alarms / Telephones / Headphones / Triggers / Microphones / Any Analog/Digital signals. Each Plug has 2 Wires + Ground and is Bi-Directional

What Is MPO Fiber Optic

MPO is the 12 Fibers Industry-Standard connector for Professional Fiber Optics, delivering the best interconnection reliability with push-pull secure lock system.
Male and Female MPO connects each others using a simple MPO Coupler available also as Wall Plate Keystone. Fibercommand Ecosystem use OM3/OM4/OM5 multi mode fiber optics over Type-A (straight - not crossed) 12 fibers connection MPO patch cords for 1.2 Terabit bandwidth per MPO cable with a length of 300 Meters (OM3) / 400 Meters (OM4) / 500 Meters (OM5)

Detachable HDMI Fiber Plugs

HDMI connectors can be removed to pass the cable in walls or conduits without damaging the HDMI.
HDMI plugs can be replaced or upgraded to any future HDMI resolution without removing the cable from the wall.

Long HDMI 2.1 Terminations

Connect the main cable to your HDMI devices, TVs, Projectors or use a wall plate and pass the fiber optic so the HDMI stays fiber up to the tv/projector without the need to use extra HDMI cords which might disrupt your HDMI signals...
Our detachable HDMI can be replaced or upgraded to future HDMI formats without replacing the whole cable.

Direct or Via Wall Plates

All our HDMI cables connects direct or can use standard Wall Plates for the best In-Wall Installations

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