Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cables

Our PureFIBER Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies Wire any construction for the future Saving a lot of Time

Cables de fibra óptica preterminados

Nuestros cables de fibra óptica preterminados están listos para pasar a través de conductos eléctricos o en la pared para cualquier instalación residencial o comercial para entregar audio, video, datos, fibra, internet, controles inteligentes, hdmi 4k 8k, también disponible con cables combinados eléctricos híbridos.
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What Is MPO Fiber Optic

MPO is the 12 Fibers Industry-Standard connector for Professional Fiber Optics, delivering the best interconnection reliability with push-pull secure lock system.
Male and Female MPO connects each others using a simple MPO Coupler available also as Wall Plate Keystone. Fibercommand Ecosystem use OM3/OM4/OM5 multi mode fiber optics over Type-A (straight - not crossed) 12 fibers connection MPO patch cords for 1.2 Terabit bandwidth per MPO cable with a length of 300 Meters (OM3) / 400 Meters (OM4) / 500 Meters (OM5)

What is a Fiber Pigtail

A fiber optic Pigtail breaks out the single fibers from the main MPO cable to connect multiple devices at once on the same main cable, direct or via wall plate.

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