4K 8K HDMI Fiber Cables

The Best For Your 4K 8K Entertainment

Best Complete Connection

  • Fiber HDMI 2.1 Full 4K 8K ARC CEC D-HDR
  • CAT-7 Internet For Best 4K TV & Gaming
  • Long-Run CEC - TV Remote Controls All
  • Long-Run ARC/eARC to Play From TV
  • Closet To Rooms Complete Setup
  • Smart TV (To / From auto)
  • Smart Projector (To / From auto)
  • SubWoofer / SoundBar
  • Alexa Google Music Return
  • Play PS5 / XBOX / PC 4K 8K Zero-Lag
  • Remote Control & Triggers
  • Removable HDMI Plugs to Pass In Walls 
  • No Limits to your Denon AVR Power

One Cable Does it All!

Best Dynamic HDR


Best Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1

True 8K 4K 120Hz 2.1 Dynamic-HDR Absolute Uncompressed Picture Quality

Use Our Ultra Ethernet

BEST Internet Movies Playback in 4K 8K ATMOS eliminating lag / loss / buffering typical of WiFi &and standard cables.
Our Gold Shielded Ethernet UP TO 10 Giga

Best eARC ATMOS Sound

Our Long-Run Enhanced HDMI eARC Returns TV Sound to AV Receiver Speakers in Full Uncompressed Dolby Atmos while playing TV or Projector Smart Apps

3.5mm TRS Plug

Audio / Data / Controls

For Remote Control

Control AV Receiver from the TV Remote via the TV IR port . Loop out to control more Devices

For IR Blasters

Control AV Receiver + Equipment from the Room Via any Universal Remote Control

For Best SubWoofer

Send SubWoofer L/R Audio from AV Receiver to the Room Self-Amplified Speakers with zero-loss / zero-noise / zero-lag / 100db S/N Professional Dynamic, or XLR or SPDIF digital
Deepest, Clean, Rich Bass Ever.

For Alexa Music

Play Smart Home Music to the AV Receiver Speakers via our TRS plug

For Sound Bars

Play Analog or Digital SPDIF Audio To the Room SoundBar via our TRS plug

For Projectors Screens

Send the AV Receiver Trigger Control to open/close your Motorized Projection Screen

For Gaming Controllers

Extend any USB Gaming Controller with ZERO-LAG from the AV Closet to the Room, adding our USB-ZERO expansion kit.

For Future Needs

Our Hi-Performances TRS 3.5mm Link can transport any 232 / 485 / Serials / Alarms / Analog Unbalanced or Balanced Audio / AES / Spdif 195Khz / Triggers / Phones / Any Smart Home Bus. 

Best For 8K Gaming

True 120Hz 4K/8K
Zero-Lag | Full Specs

True 120Hz 4K/8K | Zero-Lag | Full Specs | VRR | ALLM | QFT | DSC |

Also For In-Wall

  • Removable Connectors to Pass in Walls
  • Pass in 3/4" Conduits & Smaller
  • Kevlar Sleeve to Pull with a fish tape


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