FiberCommand IROVF |  SOUND & COMMUNICATIONS June 16, 2020


FiberCommand’s IROVF

FiberCommand’s IROVF is fiber optic with integrated extender, no power supply, no black box, no mess, and boasts zero lag up to 10K. IROVF is the next-gen integrated super fiber-wire extender standard for 4k, 8k and 10k HDMI video distribution and entertainment. It delivers full 48Gbs bandwidth with uncompressed zero-lag performance up to 500m with no external power supply. IROVF delivers simultaneously both video and IR remotes, serial, data, extra audios, 1/10Gbge internet, USB, all-in-one slim flexible cable that fits drywall, conduits and keystone wall plates, and is ideal for Full-HDR TV and even VR Gaming. No need for messy and underperforming black boxes. IROVF is just ONE cable.

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