Extra Long Oculus Link Cable Fiber Optic USB-C

Long oculus link cable fiber optic compatible to any USB-C VR Virtual Reality Headset 55 feet 15 meters Long complete kit

VR Headset sold separately

iGame is a Extra Long Fiber Optic Oculus LINK Cable  Ultra Slim, Flexible, Indestructible, for the Best VR Virtual Reality Gaming with total freedom of movements, and Absolute ZERO-LAG.

iGAME is a full featured USB-C ultra speed data & charging cable designed to connect and recharge any OCULUS USB-C and similar VR Headsets, providing a perfect ZERO-LAG connection with the PC or Console at long distance with zero frame loss and full resolution up to 4K / 8K.

55 Feet Long the cables is divided in two detachable sections allowing to pass the cable through furniture, conduits, walls, without damaging the usb connector heads.

Extendable to 1500 Feet using standard MPO fiber optic patch cords such as our ULTRAVISION fiber cable, to install the computers away from the room.

Total Freedom Of VR Movements because the iGAME is long enough to drop on your head from the ceiling above, so the cord is never on the floor in your legs, and when not used can be just pulled up to the ceiling ready to be pulled down when needed.

55 Feet Long ( 15 Meters ) the iGAME cable can be installed the way you need it, also drop from the ceiling above so the cable is never an obstacle.

The Headset side has also a USB plug to Power & Recharge the Oculus, via the included power supply.

Multiple iGAME VR cables can be connected at once on the same Ultravision or IROVF PRO long extenders, from the AV Closet to the room.  Multi Computers to multiple rooms, to multiple Oculus can also be installed for the best multi-player multi-room setup with full quality Zero-Lag.

iGAME Revolutionize the VR setup moving the computers away from the room

The iGAME two-sections detachable USB Fiber Optic Cable design is an exclusive world-wide patent of FiberCommand

iGAME | USB-c 3.2 Fiber Optic Long Extender compatible VR LINK or Cameras or any USB-C 3.0/1/2 devices