iGame Long USB-C Fiber Optic Cable for VR Virtual Reality Headsets

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iGame USB-C 3.x Fiber Optic Extender 

iGame is fibercommand's patented fiber optic USB-C 3.x extender kit to connect VR Headsets such as OCULUS to the Gaming Computer with perfect quality and long run.

Our iGame kit is 56 ft (17 meters) long,  0.11 inches (3 millimeters) thick, super flexible and very light in weight, so it can run up to the ceiling to drop down in the center of the room for the best movements freedom.

With the iGame fiber optic USB-C extender cable the VR 4K 8K Plays full-frames smooth never skipping or dropping the playback video quality nor introducing delays in controls, simply perfect.

The igame Kit is divided into two parts

  • 6.5 ft / 2 meters long USB 3.x Computer-Side cord
  • 49 ft / 15 meters long USB-C VR Headset side cord

The VR Headset side connects to the Power Supply Block ( included in the kit ) to provide the needed continuous power to the VR Headset for continuous  operation as well recharging.

The Two cords connects each other via industry-standard MPO Fiber optic connectors, male on the Long Cord, and Female on the Short one, via the included MPO Keyup-down coupler.

The igame USB-C 3.x fiber optic extender can also be used with our IROVF-PRO fiber optic infrastructure cable or our ULTRAVISION cable, simply connecting to it one one of the available MPO connectors or MPO Splitters, via the included in the kit MPO Jumper, also via wall plates where installed.

When used with IROVF cables, the iGame can extend the USB-C 3.x connection for hundreds of feet/meters without losing quality, speed, perfect as connected nearby to the PC or Console.

Multiple iGame extension cables can be installed over the same IROVF-PRO or ULTRAVISION cables by using our MPO Splitter adapters as needed

The iGame cable can also be used with our IROVF XG cables swapping it to the HDMI adapters when needed.

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