PureFiber PRO is the Best, most complete, UNCOMPRESSED HDMI 2.1 EXTENDER Hybrid Fiber optic cable, designed to connect the latest 4K/8K Smart TVs, Projectors, and Gaming, with all the necessary Ultra High-Speed signals, for the Best 4K/8K Entertainment

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2.4 Terabit Per Second Bandwidth, REMOVABLE HDMI Terminations, unparalleled signal integrity, ULTRAFLEX®


  • PureFiber PRO Cable (Pre-Terminated)
  • HDMI 2.1 Detachable Termination (1pair)
  • Fiber Internet Converters (1 pair)
  • Pigtail MPO to LC Converter (x2)


  • 24 Fiber Optic OM5 Multi-Mode - Pre-Terminated MPO
  • 2.4 Terabits ultra speed Bandwidth (100 Gigabit per fiber strand)
  • (x2) MPO female connectors - 12 Fibers per each Type-A straight connected
  • (x3) 3.5mm High-Bandwidth AUX Connector (x1) for USB Zero-Lag Gaming Controllers Extension / remote controls / soundbar/sub speakers audio feed
  • (x1) High-Speed Digital Coax for digital audio / subwoofer audio / Cable-satellite-air TV RF signals / video surveillance / alarms / Smart-Home bus
  • Kevlar ANTI-STRETCH protection
  • IN-WALL Rated / LSZH Rated (PLENUM) / IN-CONDUIT Rated
  • IN-DOOR / OUT-DOOR Rated / UV Rays Proof
  • ULTRAFLEX® Technology ( can perform 90 degrees turns)
  • EASY-PULL protective sleeve for seamless installation ( included free)
  • 5 Years warranty


  • HDMI made with 4 dedicated fiber optic strands (not shared with other services) 400 GIGABIT/s bandwidth dedicated to HDMI 2.1 8k - future-proof.
  • 1080@360 / 1440@360 / 4K@120 / 8K@60 / 10K@30
  • ARC / eARC / CEC / any HDCP
  • 48 Gbps and above ZERO-LAG patented IROVF Technology, UNCOMPRESSED for true viewing experience
  • Detachable terminations, 4 ft long fibers for extended reach (no need for patch cords to wall plate).
  • HDMI 2.1 4K / 8K / 10K
  • Detachable HDMI terminations
  • Set of 2 couplers included for "snap on" connections.
  • Wall-plate ready


  • Add another x3 4K/8K HDMI or Display Port FIBER PLUGS® also Bi-Directional over the same PureFiber PRO cable also via wall plate (see demo video).
    1.4 Supports 8K@60Hz, 5K@60Hz, 4K@144Hz, 2K@240Hz, 1080P@240Hz and HDCP 2.2, HDCP 1.4, HDR.
    Expansions are sold separately


  • Included ethernet-to-fiber converter (1Tx+1Rx with 4 ports switch)


  • (X2) Included MPO to 12 LC to connect any standard fiber optic device such as WiFi / TVs / Computers / any device with any standard SFP fiber port plug



Watch this Video to discover the Huge Benefits of using FiberCommand UNCOMPRESSED HDMI 2.1 4K/8K hybrid extenders cables for any application; Delivering full and perfect HDR quality to your TVs, or Projectors, all error free.


Complete Explanation Video


  • On the Right-Screen, the clear, and error-free, HDMI 2.1 48 gigabit data signal passing through the 200 foot-long black FiberCommand cable can be seen, indicating that the 4K120/8K60 signal is passing effortlessly through the FiberCommand cable.
  • On the Left-Screen, the Huge Distortion is caused by a gray Top Quality CAT-6 and any brand of HDMI extender. NO real 4K/8K signal can pass when extenders, including expensive ones, are used, as they must Compress the Video to pass the CAT-5/6/7/8 limits. NO CAT-6/7/8 can pass HDMI 2.1 uncompressed 48 Gigabit data which is required for 4K120/8K60 Vision Atmos HDR10+



  • Best for Smart TVs or Cinema Projectors
  • True Full 48 Gb/s : 4K120Hz / 8K60Hz
  • Dolby® Vision / Atmos Uncompressed
  • ARC / eARC up to 330 ft
  • CEC, HDCP 2.3+, VRR, ALLM, DSC
  • QFT, QMS, Dynamic HDR, HLG, HDR, OETF



  • Triple Hi-Speed 1 Ghz 3.5mm links
  • Connect any AUDIO: mono / stereo / RCA / XLR / analog-digital- spdif- aes
  • Balanced audio / Unbalanced audio / Bi-Directional Audio
  • USB 2.0 ZERO-LAG controllers / gaming / keyboard / mouse / printers
  • RS232 / RS485 / GPI / I2S / GPI / Triggers / any protocol / Bi-Directional
  • IR Infrared Blaster Eyes
  • Microphones / powered speakers / >100dB S/N measured on AudioPrecision


CAT-6 / 7 / 8

  • CAT-5-6-7 cannot pass real 4K 8K Resolutions and use data compression
  • CAT-8 cannot pass HDMI 2.1 48gigabit Dolby Vision HDR10+
  • CAT-X cables are bad for gaming due to the errors they introduces
  • CAT-X cable are long antennas and pick-up Thunderstorm lightning destroying your equipment, easy.
  • No WIFI can do as there are radio-electric interferences, very unreliable FOR 4K 8K TV, Live Streaming, Gaming, Work From Home, Home Controls....
  • Future IS Fiber Optic. Fibercommand makes it easy to install anywhere.



  • Fibercommand PRO fiber cable connects any signal to the room
  • Smart TV / Fiber Internet / Computers / Dolby Sound / Speakers
  • Smart Home / Automation
  • HDMI / Display Ports
  • USB-C / VR Virtual Reality
  • Video Conferencing / Work From Home devices
  • Add the wanted terminations, room by room, as needed, when needed.
  • Pull One Cable to each Room - Decide tomorrow what to connect
  • Connects Direct or Via Wall Plates



  • Fibercommand PRO fiber cable is compatible standard wall plates
  • We use Standard Wall Plate Keystones to pass fibers and controls
  • No Programming is requires
  • No Power is required
  • Simple, plug 'n play, Any Connection, Future Proof



  • Fibercommand PRO is the Best to Setup AV Racks Installations
  • Use keystone Patch Panels to install in any AV Rack
  • Use keystone Wall Plates to connect every room
  • Where the SUB or SOUNDBAR speaker is wanted, stack the in wall PRO cable to a sub wall plate with just one of the PRO TRS links, local to the speaker
  • NO Programming is needed - Plug 'n Play
  • Compatible with Crestron / Control-4 / Savant / AMX / and any Matrix AV Automation system, connecting all video, sound, controls in full 4K 8K Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos full uncompressed quality
  • Eliminates the need for multiple CAT-6 cables, slow and incapable for 4K 8K
  • Can organize the AV Rack with Room-Zone-Shelfs, each with one PRO patch panel. (see our patch panels and wall plates in our accessories section)
  • Pull One Cable to each Room - Decide tomorrow what to connect



Fibercommand PRO fiber cable replaces the OLD CAT-6 HDMI Technology:

  • HDMI Over CAT-6 Extenders compress the video to pass the CAT-6
  • HDMI Over CAT-6 Extenders cannot do HDMI 2.1 48gigabit uncompressed
  • HDMI Over CAT-6 Extenders Waste the quality of your TV or Projector
  • HDMI Over CAT-6 Extenders requires LARGE BOXES IN THE WALL
  • HDMI Over CAT-6 Extenders requires PERMANENT POWER & consumption
  • HDMI Over CAT-6 Extenders introduces Audio Lag Delays
  • HDMI Over CAT-6 Extenders REQUIRES PROGRAMMING / Costs
  • HDMI Over CAT-6 Extenders are way more expensive than the PRO cable

With Fibercommand HDMI 2.1 Extenders "you will See the difference"



  • Exclusive Patented System
  • Pass the cable then attach the HDMI Terminations
  • Can Pass via Wall Plate keeping the signal Fiber Optic up to the HDMI Plugs




Included EASY-PULL system with Kevlar anti-stretch



  • Same diameter of Hi-End HDMI Cables
  • Many More Features for less price of an Hi End Cable
  • Much better HDMI quality - 48 Gigabit HDR No Loss / No Lag
  • Extreme flexibility to pass anywhere
  • Exclusive Removable HDMI plugs to pass in Wall / Furnitures / Conduits



  • Exclusive Patented Detachable Fiber Optic HDMI Plugs System
  • Pass HDMI Fiber Optics through the wall plate
  • Keep the signal Fiber Optic to the HDMI plugs
  • Perfect 4K 120Hz / 8K / Dolby Vision / HDR10+ / eARC / ARC / CEC
  • Eliminates additional HDMI Patch Cords to connect the Devices



  • Uncompressed eARC up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Uncompressed ARC up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Supports any Atmos Format also True HD Uncompressed Dolby Atmos
  • Pass Via Wall Plates



  • PATENTED solution to pass ARC/eARC via common wall plates keystones
  • No-Loss No-Compression
  • Absolute Reliability - Perfect eARC Sound through multiple keystones
  • ARC / eARC works at 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Supports any Atmos Format also True HD Uncompressed Dolby Atmos



  • Use our fiber optic "Y-SPLITTER" to split each main MPO to TWO MPOs
  • Connect any Mix of HDMI or DISPLAYPORT fiber termination over the MPOs
  • Make it BI-DIRECTIONAL simply inverting the Source/Display Plugs
  • Each connection has 600Gigabit/s bandwidth over the MPO fiber head
  • Today the HDMI 2.1 uses 48Gigabit/s and you can upgrade to future standards simply upgrading the HDMI or DP termination plugs. No need to change the PRO Fiber cables in the wall or the Wall Plates.
  • JUST ONE FIBER CABLE - Future Proof



  • Fibercommand PRO fiber cable REPLACES MULTIPLE CAT-6
  • Just pull ONE CABLE per each room
  • Fiber Internet to the room
  • Multiple 4K/8K HDMI and/or DISPLAYPORTS
  • USB-2 USB3 USB-C with Zero-Lag (controllers/keyboard/mouse/VR/...)
  • IR Remote controls / RS232 / RS485 / Triggers / GPI
  • AUX Audios / Speakers / Extra Fiber Optics for any device or SFP
  • SMART HOME controls / Multiple Ethernet / And More...
  • Pull One PRO Cable per each room
    - Decide Tomorrow the Terminations you need - Future Proof



  • Connect the Internet Modem to the Room at fiber speed
  • No Loss / No lag / No Data errors typical of every CAT-X copper cable
  • Best for 4K 8K TV Streaming - eliminates LAN buffering delays and negotiate to the provider such as Netflix at best speed of your Modem so movies are played with TOP Best quality usually 4K VISION ATMOS
  • Best for gaming as reduces the PING Latency by >50% respect gaming wifi or CAT-X copper cables
  • 100 Gigabit over one fiber
  • Fiber to 4 ports ethernet media converter to connect 4x RJ45 devices in the room such as Smart TV / Gaming / Smart Home Hubs / Local WiFi / VOIP Phones / Work from home Video Conference appliances / etc
  • 2.5G / 5G / 10Gigabit/s PC mainboard ready - use proper SFP adapter


4K 8K HDR10+ Uncompressed

  • Fibercommand PRO fiber cable is compatible with Crestron
  • Connects any Creston with 4K 8K HDR10+ full uncompressed quality
  • Delivers to the room the best Crestron 4K 8K HDMI plus sound and controls
  • Fibercommand PRO Does not require any programming



  • Compare a 10 Ft High End HDMI 8K/10K cable (left side) with our Fibercommand HDMI 200 ft (right side) using two professional analyzers.
  • The Fibercommand HDMI (right-side) shows a perfect clear clean signal after 200 ft, while the Top High-End Competitor cable (Left Side) shows a lot of distortion, and errors, after just 10 ft.

With Fibercommand your TV or Projector will show the full picture and sound quality it should



We Guarantee You: None of them can deliver the Fibercommand Video Quality and reliability.



  • Full HDMI 48 Gigabit bandwidth for perfect video quality on TVs or Projectors at any distance, without losing the best HDR Cinema Vision
  • All Plugs necessary to connect a perfect and complete home theater setup
  • Compatible to any Brand or Model of AV Receivers



  • Best to connect 4K 8K AV Receivers or Matrix Systems to the rooms
  • Connect HDMI 2.1 @ 48 Gigabit/s UNCOMPRESSED up to 1500 Ft (500m)
  • No-Loss No-Compression
  • Any Resolution & Format including 60Hz / 120Hz / 240Hz / 360Hz
  • Displays the Best Maximum resolution & quality on TV or Projectors



  • Full compatibility with any AV Receiver / Smart TV / Projector
  • No-Lag / No video Quality Loss / No Lip-sync issues on speakers
  • Any Resolution from SD to 8K 
  • No additional Power Devices
  • Your TV or Projector will deliver the Full Quality they should



  • Modern Smart TVs requires speed to deliver 4K 120Hz / 8K HDR quality
  • Fibercommand PRO properly connects any Smart TV so it can display the quality it should



  • Modern Cinema Projectors requires data connection speed to deliver their best 4K 120Hz / 8K HDR10+ quality
  • Fibercommand PRO properly connects any Projector so it can display the  Full Best Quality it should



  • Control any hidden equipment from the room with ONE REMOTE
  • Control the whole SMART HOME with one remote from the room
  • Compatible to any multimedia or smart home automation Hubs
  • Connect any room to the hidden Equipment / controllers / hubs
  • Simple to setup



  • Connect AV Receiver to In-Room SubWoofer Speaker
  • Absolute sound quality, Uncompressed, >100dB dynamic S/N
  • NO-LAG / NO-DELAY / does not require AV receiver adjustments
  • Use our SUBWOOFER wall plate to connect the main cable wall plate to the sub wall plate location for clean perfect installation



  • Fibercommand PRO fiber cable connects the SubWoofer Speaker
  • Direct Connection from the AV receiver to the Room SubWoofer
  • No Sound Lag Delays
  • Can pass via Wall Plate without introducing any distorsion or noise
  • Our SubWoofer wall plate kit connects to the Fibercommand PRO cable passing the wire in-wall to the Sub-Woofer location where you can use a common RCA or XLR cord to connect our wall plate to the speaker, analog, digital, unbalanced, balanced.



  • Control All your Equipment from your TV remote control
  • Send Remote Controls from the room back to the equipment
  • No need for other adapters - direct connection TV - AV Receiver
  • Can be used as IR Blaster or RS232 also Bi-Directional



  • Connect Projector's motorized Drop Screens
  • Control Home Theater room Lights
  • Trigger any device when the AV receiver is active



  • Play Smart Home Devices Music & Services on ceiling speakers
  • Play Bluetooth Music from Mobile Phones or Tablets
  • Connect from the Room to any AV Receiver in seconds
  • Simple Plug 'n Play with No programming



  • Connect up to 3 independent XLR Audio on the same PRO cable
  • Analog / Digital  / AES-EBU
  • Balanced audio / Unbalanced audio / Bi-Directional Audio
  • Amplifiers / Speakers / Audio Devices / Microphones
  • >100dB S/N measured on AudioPrecision Professional Test Set
  • Can Pass via Wall-Plates using XLR or 3.5mm Gold Plated Keystones



  • Triple TRS Hi-Speed 3.5mm digital link to connect:
  • Up to 3x High Speed RS232 / RS485 - any protocol - any format
  • Up to 6x Triggers
  • Any combination



  • Up to 3x STEREO RCA Plugs AUX Audio (6 mono)
  • Speakers / Sound Bars / Music Players / Bluetooth Audio
  • Bi-Directional Audio Links
  • Noiseless >100dB S/N measured on AudioPrecision Professional Test Set
  • Can Pass via Wall-Plates using RCA or 3.5mm Gold Plated Keystones



  • ZERO-LAG USB Controllers Extender up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Up to 4 USB 2.0 in-room controllers at once
  • Compatible to any Computer or gaming console
  • Gaming Controllers / Keyboard / Mouse / Printers / Cameras
  • Works with Bluetooth USB 2.0 dongles for wireless controllers
  • Works with PS5 wired controllers or Bluetooth Sony Dongles
  • No-Delay Absolute Real-Time response - as connected directly to the pc




  • The PRO cable includes 24 fibers
  • Pass via any wall plate
  • Delivers 2.4 TERABIT/S bandwidth to each room
  • 8K Television / HDMI / Video Conferencing / Work From Home
  • FIBER INTERNET to the room
  • USB / WIFI / Smart Home Hubs / any SFP device
  • One Cable delivers multiple fibers at once to connect many things
  • Future Proof - no single fiber strand can do!




  • Digital 4K/8K Television
  • Digital Audio Arc/Earc (Connects on our HDMI Terminations)
  • Digital Smart Home Data
  • MOCA / Home Remote Controls / Alarms
  • Digital Video SDI / Security Video
  • AUX Power Supply shielded
  • Any 2GHz analog/digital signals


  • Create a KIDS SAFE Network also with Timed access
  • Separate Smart Home control network from the TV streaming network from the Gaming network from the Work From Home network, so every network is secure and protected.
  • Each Ethernet termination requires JUST ONE Fiber
  • The PRO cable has 24 fibers
  • Speed on each fiber is 100 Gigabit/s independent from each-others
  • Add two or more Ethernet Termination as needed per each zone
  • With Fibercommand your Networking is Ultra-Speed SAFE



  • Fiber optic is the Future
  • All modern devices comes with a Fiber Connection or with an SFP slot
  • Smart Home Hubs / Hi-Speed WiFi / New 8K Televisions / 2.5G Computers
  • Smart Home Network Switches / Fiber Internet Modems
  • Fibercommand Connects you to the Future



  • Use simple AV Receivers one per each Zone / Room
  • Connect "SHARED" Sound Sources to all receivers (apple TV, Media Players, or any other.. )
  • Connect Room-Dedicated Private sources to each AV receiver
  • Each Receiver already may offer Music Services such as PANDORA, or play MP3 from a plugged USB, or act as a matrix switcher between the available personal or shared sources
  • Use each AV Receiver as a matrix selector between the available shared or dedicated sources, and to power the room speakers
  • Use one PRO cable to connect each AV Receiver to its Room
  • Connect TV / Projector / Computers / Smart Home devices in the Room
  • Control everything from the room via IR or our CEC advanced control using the very remote of the TV or Projector.
  • Fibercommand PRO Does not require any programming, Plug 'n Play
  • Play same music in every room with zero-echo between rooms
  • Play the same Sport TV EVENT on every TV with no-lag, no-sound echo between rooms
  • Or play the private dedicated sources for the room, all controlled via the TV remote or any universal remote control
  • Simple.



  • Extend up to four DisplayPort on same PRO cable, each 1.4 Supports 8K@60Hz, 5K@60Hz, 4K@144Hz, 2K@240Hz, 1080P@240Hz and HDCP 2.2, HDCP 1.4, HDR
  • Extend up to four 4K@120Hz / 8K@60 HDMI 2.1 on same PRO cable
  • Extend USB-C 3.x Full Speed compatible with any USB-C devices such as: Virtual Reality Headsets with embedded controllers / USB-C 3.x Monitors / USB-C 3.x storage / USB-C 3.x Cameras / USB-C 3.x video converencing / Any other USB-C 3.x device... 
  • Extend USB-A 2.0 with absolute zero-lag for gaming controllers / Keyboard / Mouse / Printers / Any other USB 2.0 device
  • Any other connection available on the Fibercommand PRO fiber cable



  • Fiber Optic is the Future of all connections because the Speed / Error-Free
  • Wiring a Construction with One Fiber is NOT ENOUGH
  • Fibercommand PRO includes 24 Fibers with speed of 100gigabit/s each
  • With Fibercommand PRO not only you have redundancy spare fiber in the same cable, but you can connect multiple devices, one per fiber, per each room
  • New 8K TVs, Hi-Speed WiFi, New 2.5G computers, Smart Home Hubs, SFP/SFP+ devices, each connects to one fiber, and with Fibercommand you have 24 per cable.
  • The Cost of a Multifiber cable is very similar to the single fiber ones, so it does not make sense to go with one fiber per room.

With Fibercommand PRO fiber optic cable you wire the house with Future-Proof limitless possibilities - Just One Cable!



  • Connect just one fiber wire to our Fiber Electric RJ45 termination
  • Connect up to 4 devices per side of the cable to our termination
  • Data Speed of the Fiber cable is 100 Gigabit/s per fiber strand
  • Fiber Modems and Fiber Devices connects direct to the fiber with no need to use the Electrical RJ45 termination
  • No Programming is Required.  Plug 'n Play



  • Connect any Desk with all data and fiber optic speed
  • Workstation Computer/s Away - Keyboard / Mouse / Monitor on Desk
  • Fiber Ethernet for VOIP Phones or Video Conferencing
  • Multiple 4K 8K uncompressed HDMI or 12G/24G SDI embedded Video
  • Additional spare fibers for extra networks or any SFP device
  • Can install via POP-UP Desk Wall-plates or direct connected
  • No Programming is Required.  Plug 'n Play



  • Our FIBERDOCKING converts one fiber into a full office desk connectivity
  • Computer Workstation Away - no noise - no heat - no space
  • Connect 4K@60 HDMI 2.0b Monitor
  • Connect USB Keyboard & Mouse
  • More Fibers to expand with extra terminations/devices such as:
    Secondary monitors (HDMI or DP up to 360Hz up to 8K), Fiber Ethernet (connect VOIP Phones or video conferencing), USB-C 3.x for HI-SPEED in-office removable storage or VR Virtual Reality Headsets, and all the other Fibercommand PRO possible terminations
  • No Programming is Required.  Plug 'n Play




Connect all of your signals from the AV closet, to your Home theater using just one cable terminated with multiple connectors.
HDMI 2.1 8K / Fiber connection / Audio Connection / Traditional cable TV / Smart home controls / Fast Internet connection / Ultrafast Smart TV connection / Infrared to unify all your remotes in one / more.....

Superior HDMI Signal
Unmatched 48-Gigabit/s Performance

  • HDMI also stays over fiber via wall plates
  • Our Premium Lasers have Zero-Lag / Zero-Loss / Zero-Compression
  • Stunning Picture Quality on your TVs and Projectors
  • Better than Any Other HDMI Cable



  • USB Gaming Controllers Extension via our USB-ZERO accessory
  • SPDIF digital audio
  • Sub-Woofer audio feed
  • Sound Bar Aux Audio Feed
  • IR Infrared Remote Control room-to-equipment
  • RS232 / RS485 / GPI / Triggers
  • Watch our demo video for a full applications examples..


  • No tools required, simply "SNAP" MPOs Together
    Using the INCLUDED Couplers.



Built to excel, we guarantee unparalleled quality where performance makes the difference: in audiovisual and internet applications.


  • Optimized to withstand tight bends.
  • Highly flexible, optimized to perform sharp curves without signal loss.


PureFIBER PRO Main Cable

Pre-Terminated Fiber+Electric (patented)

Our one-of-a-kind IROvF pre terminated "Fiber+Electric patch cord cables" (patented) makes every data & multimedia installations simple anywhere, with ready-for-signals plug 'n play connections without requiring expensive converters adapters.

Where standard Hybrid Pre-terminated cables does nothing, Our PureFIBER cables connects Audio, Video, Data, Bus, Smart Home, Fiber Internet, USB, VR, Controls, Alarms, Telephones, and all the ultimate signals direct of via common keystones wall plates.

Pony-Tail Staggered Connectors (patented)

Pre-Terminated connectors are staggered to reduce the pulling diameter through walls, conduits, raceways.

Our cable can pull through a 3/4" conduit leaving space for any extra or pre-existing cable.

Connectors comes protected by a plastic wrap plus an outer Nylon braided sleeve, ready for any construction site, weather-proof.

A Kevlar Strands cord attach to any Fish Tape or Old Cables to pull the PureFIBER cable through anywhere, also very crowded conduits with 90 degrees turns, without any risk to damage the fibers

Fiber Optics

Two MPO Female connectors with 12 OM3 Multi Mode Fiber Optics each - Total 24 Fibers

Each Fiber strand supports 100 Gigabit/s Speed

Total Cable Bandwidth is 2.4 Terabit/s

MPO connection standard is TYPE-A Straight (1to1 - 12to12), no crossing.

MPO can be connected direct or via MPO Keystones through wall plates

Electric Signals

Three Gold Plated Hi-Bandwidth 3.5mm TRS Plugs links for any Analog/Digital/Bus/GPI/Trigger/IR signals

Each TRS plug ( Tip , Ring, Sleeve ) has a Ultra High Velocity twisted pair shielded cable delivering >100dB s/n for analog applications such as unbalanced mono or stereo or XLR balanced audios.

Any combination mono or bi-directional signals can transported over the three TRS without interfering eachother.

Typical connections includes: L/R Analog audio, SPDIF digital audio, AES EBU XLR audio, IR Infrared remote control blasters, GPI & Triggers for screens or controls, Analog Telephone lines, Alarms, Smart Home Data Bus, Sound Feed to Sound Bars or SubWoofers with zero noise zero lag, Music return from in-room bluetooth receivers or DJ systems or voice controlled Smart Home players to feed the sound from the room back to the amplifiers, AUX sound feed to sound bars for whole home sound distribution, USB 2.0 gaming controllers extension with absolute zero lag using our USB ZERO adaptor, any other analog/digital signal within 1 Mhz bandwidth.

TRS can be connected direct or via 3.5mm Keystones through wall plates.

Variety of 3.5mm adapter connectors or cables are available to connect TRS to XLR, Screw Terminals, RCA, BNC, or any other type of connector, also with extension cable from a wall plate to the device.

Extended eARC (patented)

Our special eARC Priority Dedicated Gold Plated connector transports perfect full uncompressed eARC Enhanced Audio Return Channel for up to 330 feet ( 100 meters ) with no loss.

Different from other cables, the PureFIBER transports the ARC / eARC over a special link ( patented ) dedicated ( not shared with other signals ), unique in the industry.

As result, the PureFIBER PRO cable is the Best cable for 4K 8K Vision Atmos Home Theater installations.

Digital Coax

Ultra-High performance 75ohm Digital Coaxial for any 3G-SDI Video, RF Television (SAT/CABLE/AERIAL), digital bus, Security Video Cameras, Smart Home Data, MOCA, A/D audio, USB controller extension system (in addition to the TRS links)

Gold Plated Coax connector is SMA 75ohm (custom) and comes with SMA to F adapters for both sides of the cable

Cable Ratings

CL3 FT4 Fire Rated for commercial & residential applications

UV Rated can be used directly exposed to sun light outdoor, water-rain-weather resistant.

Can be buried in conduits, resist to outdoor moisture.

In-Wall Rated, LZSH - Plenum, In-Conduit, In Door, Out Door.

Operating Temperature Typ. -40°C to +105°C

Outer Jacket Diameter 10 millimeters

Max Pull Diameter (at largest connectors point) 0.58 inches / 14.77 millimeters

HDMI Terminations (included accessory)

Detachable Fiber Optic HDMI Termination (patented)

World-Wide Exclusive patented 8K Removable Fiber optic termination allow to pass the main cable anywhere then connect the HDMI, reducing the required diameter of the main fiber cable to pass in any conduit without the risk of damaging the HDMI connectors.

Removable HDMI connectors can be replaced at any time without the need to replace the entire cable, making the PureFIBER solution ideal for Home, residential, commercial integration, replacing slow cat6/7/8 extension solutions which also limits the HDMI quality to max 10 gigabit, bottleneck of the cable speed.

Full HDMI 2.1 HD/4K/8K/10K

Our LASERTAIL PRO fiber optic HDMI extenders terminations supports all HDMI formats up to the latest HDMI 2.1 48 gigabit.

Specifications includes:

- Fiber Optic laser transmission for pure error-free noise-free connection of video & sound no copper cable can do.

- Full Compatibility with any legacy HDMI TMDS up to HDMI 2.1 FRL 48gigabit/s full speed

- Full Compatibility with any legacy HDCP up to HDCP 2.3 or Higher

- backwards compatible with earlier HDMI versions such as HDMI 1.3/1.4/2.0a/2.0b

- supports any resolution including SD HD 3D 4K 8K 10k

- Supports all frames rates including 4K@30 4K@60 4K@120Hz 8K@60 (and world-wide variants)

- Supports DSC 4K@240Hz

- Supports 4K@144Hz 4:4:4 Uncompressed

- Full 4:4:4 HDR10+ Uncompressed (HDMI 2.1 Standard FRL 48gigabit full speed)

- Dolby Atmos, THX, TRUE-HD, object-based audio, uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1, and 32-channel uncompressed audio

- Full Specs HDMI 2.1 including DSC, ALLM, QFT, QMS, VRR, Dynamic HDR,

Extended Length eARC (patented)

Unique on the market our special Dedicated eARC Exclusive Priority link connects the sound from the TV or projector back to the AV receiver up to 330 Feet (100 meters) away in the basement or electrical closet without losing the original surround quality while playing movies or apps on the smart TV. Since there is no compression, no wire-sharing with other signals, our eARC sound quality is Pure-Perfect, same as the original, with no loss.

Extended CEC Remote Controls

PureFIBER PRO Fiber Cables includes our Enhanced Hi-Velocity CEC Consumer Electronic Control link enabling the discovery and control of all the connected HDMI cec devices directly from the TV or Projector remote control, without the need for multiple remote controls. Simply connect your TV or Projector with our PureFIBER Cable to the AV receiver away in the basement or closet, and the TV/Projector will find all the devices. Only legacy old HDMI devices or non-cec capable devices will not be discovered, and for these simply use a traditional IR blaster such as our IR KIT.

Fiber Ethernet (included accessory)

Fiber To 4 Ports Ethernet

Single LC Fiber To 4 Ports Gigabit Layer-2 Adapter Hi-Performance Network Switch

Requires Just one single LC Fiber plug out of the available one in the PureFIBER cable

Convert 4 ports Gigabit Ethernet to Fiber with Zero Ping Lag for maximum performances on HD 4K 8K intrnet streaming, Internet TV, On-Line Gaming, Smart TV playback eliminating LAN Buffering or speed drops, Virtual Reality, Youtube broadcasting, Social Media, HD 4K 8K Live meeting, etc.

Full Modem Speed to the Room

Eliminates the Lag and speed drop or speed fluctuation caused by CAT-5/6/7 cables, delivering the full modem speed over fiber to each room.

Multiple Devices

Four Ethernet full-speed ports to connects Smart TV access/streaming, Smart Home HUBs in the room within the reach of smart devices such as lights, sensors, curtains, etc.., VOIP Phone, Wired Computer internet access, Gaming Consoles, in-room wifi AP access point repeaters, or any other combination.

On the Electrical Closet or cabinet side of the cable another 4 Port adapter connects to the Main modem delivering the full modem speed to other local devices (layer-2 switch) plus the room via fiber.

Multiple Cables to multiple rooms will have multiple of these 4 Ports adapters, so the first connects to the internet modem and then daisy-chain to the other 4 ports devices, creating a powerful scalable multi-port switch in the closet.

Simplify Fiber Internet Distribution

Where a Fiber Optic Internet Modem is installed, the PureFIBER PRO cable can connect the modem SFP fiber output directly to one of the available Fiber connectors, delivering Pure Fiber connection to the room.

In the room one of the 4 PORTS fiber to RJ45 Ethernet adapter will transform the fiber link from the modem to Electric for the classic ethernet devices connection

Fiber Breakout Pigtail (included accessory)

MPO To 12 LC Single Fibers

- Two Pigtails are included (one per each side of the cable)

Breakout 12 Fibers from one MPO fiber connector (main cable) to 12 single LC-Style single fibers connectors (OM3 Multimode Standard)

Each LC Fiber Connector provides 100 Gigabit of full fiber speed.

Each LC Fiber connector is COLOR-CODED making it simple to connect the same color both sides of the cable for a wanted connection.

Each LC Fiber connector is independent and has its own bandwidth independent from any other signal in the cable.

Connects Any Expansion

Multiple simultaneous expansions / terminations can be connected using the single LC Fiber connectors such as

- Additional Ethernet adapters to create separated newtorks (smart-home divided from internet) or KIDS SAFE Networks

- WiFi access points

- Extra HDMI Screens or sources (up to 12 extra HDMI 2.0b 128gbps HDR 4K60 4:4:4 on the same cable)

- One or multiple KVM Keyboard Video Mouse connectors to create meeting desks or home offices leaving the computers away

- Audio over Fiber

- Controls over Fiber

- RS232 over fiber

- IR over Fiber

- Any device with an SFP Fiber slot can be connected

- Future TVs with SFP ONLY network access will be connected using ONE single fiber (up to 12 TVs 8K)

- And more as Fiber optic is the future

Can Pass via wall plate

Connect the Main cable inside the wall to an MPO Fiber Keystone.

Plug the Pig Tail from outside to the wall plate.

Connect all the devices to each single fiber


The 12 LC Fiber Plugs Pig Tail is 1 ft (30 centimeters) long and connect all the devices locally to the wall plate attached to the wall near by

Usually the wall plate and devices can be behind the TV or Monitor screens, or at the projector, hiding all the connections and extra devices.

Where needed, each of the LC Fiber connectors can be extended as needed with no loss using simple LC Coupler & patch cords to connect devices away from the wall plate such as on a desk, under a desk, or so.

Longer Pig Tails are also available upon request to fit any installation need.

Install the Cable & Decide Later what to connect

Connect anything Today & Tomorrow

A vast range of accessories are available to connect anything ( accessories to be purchased separately).

It is common to install the cable with a wall plate to each room or desk then add out of the wall plate any termination needed time by time.

Available Accessories & Terminations includes:

- HDMI 2.1 Termination Cords ( up to FOUR HDMI 4K/8K 2.1 48Giga over the same cable, also bi-directional)

- DP Display Port Termination Cords

- USB-C 3.2 termination cords (computer or Virtual Reality or any USB-C 3.x such as Web Cams, or other devices)

- USB 2.0 Zero Lag Gaming controllers adapters

- KVM Keyboard Video Mouse connectors pod

- Fiber Splitters to connect mode devices out of the wall plate plug

- IR InfraRed remote control blaster

- XLR cable for any Analog Audio / Digital Audio / DMZ controls

- RCA cable for any Analog Audio / Spdif / Subwoofer feed / aux audio feeds

- SCREW TERMINALS adapter for Triggers or GPI

Each LC Fiber connector is COLOR-CODED making it simple to connect the same color both sides of the cable for a wanted connection.

Each LC Fiber connector is independent and has its own bandwidth independent from any other signal in the cable.

Connects Any Expansion

Multiple simultaneous expansions / terminations can be connected using the single LC Fiber connectors such as

- Additional Ethernet adapters to create separated newtorks (smart-home divided from internet) or KIDS SAFE Networks

- WiFi access points

- Extra HDMI Screens or sources (up to 12 extra HDMI 2.0b 128gbps HDR 4K60 4:4:4 on the same cable)

- One or multiple KVM Keyboard Video Mouse connectors to create meeting desks or home offices leaving the computers away

- Audio over Fiber

- Controls over Fiber

- RS232 over fiber

- IR over Fiber

- Any device with an SFP Fiber slot can be connected

- Future TVs with SFP ONLY network access will be connected using ONE single fiber (up to 12 TVs 8K)

- Any Future Device, without changing the cable


Detachable HDMI PureFiber® Terminations

USPTO US20210223482A1; US20200343976A1; US 17224644; 16930729 ;63036256

WIPO International PCT 36857

CN 2020216970117 ; 067583000003

Patent pending in Taiwan, Germany, and other countries.


USPTO 63042803 ; 63310889 ; 63310880

WIPO International WO2021262153A1 ; PCT US2039129

Patent pending in Germany,Taiwan, China and other countries.

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IROVF PRO 8K HDMI Fiber Optic Cables Key Features:

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  • Perfect for Whole House Audio Video System
  • Best for any 4K 8K Home Theater System
  • Best for any 4K 8K Multimedia or Gaming Connection
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  • Connect IR Remote Controls
  • Can expand to connect USB Gaming Controllers
  • Can expand to connect Multiple HDMI 2.1 Also Bi-Directional

IROVF PRO 8K HDMI Fiber Optic Cables Key Features:

  • READY TO CONNECT - NO EXTRA PARTS NEEDED! IROVF PRO is ready to connect all your 4K 8K Multimedia Entertainment without the need for any extra black boxes otherwise you always must purchase when you use old CAT5/6/7/8/ copper cables as extenders. With IROVF PRO you get the best real ultra speed fiber optic sound video controls, plug 'n play with no hidden costs, saving your Time & Money.

  • Resolve All CAT5/6/7/8 Copper Cables Speed Limits, LAG, BUFFERING Issues. Modern 4K120Hz 8K TVs, Projectors, Gaming or Latest Home Theaters Systems Requires the new Ultra-Speed wiring to deliver the ultimate Dynamic-HDR & ATMOS sound @ 4k120Hz 8K - No Copper Can do.

  • WHY CATx Copper Cables CANNOT HANDLE IT Anymore. The Modern 4K 120Hz or 8K Smart TVs, Projectors, Gaming Consoles, VR, Home Theater Systems requires 48 gigabit per second wiring. The very best CAT-8 Copper Cable can do is 40 gigabit MAX, for short distances in very perfect shielded conditions, so when you use CAT5/6/7/8 copper cables, the sound and video quality "are squeezed compressed" like a JPEG computer picture to fit the copper cable limits, losing the whole purpose of having a new 4K120 or 8K Smart TV or Gaming or New Modern Home Theater Systems. Our IROVF PRO Entertainment Extender Cable Delivers ALL CONNECTIONS At Once, All Ultra Speed, All Uncompressed, Original 4:4:4 Vision Atmos Full Quality, with 2.4 TERABIT speed over its integrated multiple fiber optics. Just Pull One IROVF PRO cable per each TV / Room and it will deliver All needed connections and speed at once, without the need for any other additional converter or black boxes. Simple & Ultra-Speed Full Quality.

  • WHY CATx HDMI EXTENDERS LOSE ALL THE 4K 8K QUALITY. HDMI 4K@60 requires 18 gigabit per second, and HDMI 4K@120Hz requires 48 gigabit per second. So How does "any brand" extender handle to put 18 gigabit or 48 gigabit over a typical CAT6 or CAT7 copper cable which can do only 10 gigabit? HDMI EXTENDERS COMPRESS THE DATA and Lose all the original quality and HDR for a JPEG compressed version, to fit the old copper cables technology speed bottle-neck. Using any CATx based extenders of any brand, also the most expensive DSP ones, will never return the original full Dynamic HDR quality to the modern 4K 8K Smart TVs and Projectors, simply because the COPPER CAT-x does not have the needed bandwidth, and you lose all the quality... In The Copper CAT5/6/7/8 Cables.

  • IROVF PRO Delivers Where All Other Solutions Fails. IROVF PRO is the Next Generation Multi-Fiber-Optic Full Entertainment Connection Package Cable, Ideal One-Stop Solution to connect Any New 4K 8K Smart TV or Projectors or Home Theater New AV Receivers or Gaming Consolles such as PS5 XBOX-SX, with Full Uncompressed Zero-Buffering Zero-Lag Speeds on all signals, for perfect sound and video ORIGINAL QUALITY.Drop One IROVF-PRO Cable per each room for a perfect Whole-House smart-home AV Entertainment System and Save.

  • IN-WALL RATED IROVF PRO is Fire-Rated for any consumer commercial residential installations. IROVF-PRO Cable can be used anywhere, for any application.

  • Need Multiple HDMI 4K120/8K - Just Add More HDMI Plugs! IROVF Pro comes standard with one set of HDMI 2.1 FIBER PLUGS supporting full 48gbps link, long run true-uncompressed eARC, long run CEC, Dynamic-HDR, VRR, QMS, QFT ,ALLM, DSC, Full HDMI 2.1 Specs at full bandwidth uncompressed transmission. Our HDMI Plugs are removable and can be replaced plug 'n play in case of damage without removing the main cable. Multiple Independent HDMI 2.1 plugs/Links, ALSO BI-DIRECTIONAL HDMI 2.1, can be added on the same cable for any multi-screen, Sports-Bars Style, Man-Cave installation needs. Please contact us for a free quote for any special configuration.

  • No Special Configurations Needed - No Special Networks - No Extra Boxes - No Extra Hidden Costs! Simply Drop One IROVF PRO Cable per each Room, Plug it, Use it, it is this simple. IROVF PRO does not requires extra components nor rocket-science configurations, and perfectly integrates with any Smart Home automation or Matrix Units simply replacing the Bottle-Neck CAT-X copper extenders parts with Just One Cable That Does It All with no quality limits.

  • Eliminates NETWORK LAG & BUFFERING from Gaming & Streaming TV IROVF PRO comes with a full fiber-optic ultra-speed Quad Connections Network, to connect the Fiber Internet from the Home Router To the to the Room, Keeping the Fiber Optic Speed uncompromised. As a result, Smart TV streaming will not suffer of any Network Buffering very typical of CAT-X Copper cables and traditional network switches, as well On-Line Gaming ping will be without lag or sustained speed loss also typical of CAT-X copper cable system. With IROVF PRO, the entertainment is really ULTRA SPEED

  • IROVF Connects & Controls Everything At Once. With IROVF PRO any configuration, any connection, any functionality will be easier and fully functional as never before, thanks to the IROVF PRO fully featured ultra-speed connections, which never lose a bit.

  • SOFTWARE-UPGRADES PROOF - FUTURE PROOF. IROVF PRO does not suffer when the TV manufacturer or AV Receiver manufacturer, or Projector or Gaming Console UPGRADE THEIR SOFTWARE as the IROVF PRO is a FIBER CABLE that PASS ALL SIGNALS AS-IS without compression. On the Opposite, CAT-X Copper cable extenders black boxes convert the Audio Video TV signals to Fit the CAT-X Limited Bandwidth, and if the TV Upgrade changes any Bit or Data, these CAT-X Extenders might not be able to work correctly anymore, requiring to be changed or to do a one by one painful firmware upgrade. IROVF PRO makes your Entertainment ALWAYS ENTERTAINING, No Struggle, True Full Quality & Future Proof.

  • Connect Sound Bars / Sub Woofer / AUX Audios ANALOG OR DIGITAL Two independent Balanced/Unbalanced Analog or Digital capable plugs 3.5mm gold plated style for any stereo analog or digital up to 192khz audio, bi-directional. Ideal to send Audio to In-Room Sub Speakers or sound bars or return music from any in-room DJ system or Alexa / Google Home Smart Devices to play on ceiling speakers or the sound bar driven by the AV receiver. With IROVF PRO all extra connections are there, Future-Proof for any expansion.

  • IR or 232 Remote Controls One 3.5mm gold plated analog/digital shielded data bus wire for any uni-bi-directional remote controls such as universal infrared remote controls from the room to the AV Rack closet, or from Automation Systems to the Room. With IROVF PRO Any remote control system is compatible.

  • CEC That Works For Real IROVF PRO comes with a special integrated Long-Run enhanced CEC consumer electronic control link, that really works and discovers all the connected devices in the HDMI plus AV Receiver chain. Usually Most of the HDMI cables fail the CEC Discovery & Control after few feet, because the cheap/poor quality wire they use in their low cost fiber or copper design. With IROVF PRO your Smart TV remote will discover & Control All CEC capable Devices ELIMINATING the need of multiple remotes - Plug 'n Play Simple without programming.

  • USB For Gaming Controllers or KVM IROVF PRO can be added at any time with our USB-ZERO accessory which connects up to 4 USB devices to the other side of the cable such as RAZER or similar gaming controllers, keyboards, mouse, usb dongles. When used for gaming, our USB-ZERO kit will extend the USB controls through the IROVF PRO cable with ABSOLUTE ZERO-LAG the most talented Gamer could not complain about. There is NO-LAG. With IROVF PRO leave the computer or Console heat & noise in the AV Closet & Bring only the Fun in the Room.

  • Perfect ENTERTAINMENT ADD-ON PACKAGE for New Homes or Remodeling - Add to the wanted rooms. IROVF PRO is the perfect ultimate-technology add-on entertainment package to add to the wanted rooms on top of the classic wiring in new constructions or remodeling. These Entertainment-Upgraded Rooms might just have the IROVF PRO cable, avoiding multiple useless CAT-X cables replaced by one single integrated multi-signal multi-fiber-optics cable, robust, affordable, ready to go, for everyone, plug 'n play. Simply pull one IROVF PRO per each Room and Plug 'n Play it, also using the accessory Wall Plates where wanted.

  • 4K 8K HDMI Fiber Optic Cable Extenders
  • 4K 120Hz 8K 60Hz 4:4:4 48Gbps Full Bandwidth best picture quality
  • Newest Multi-Fiber-Optic Technology - 24 Fibers
  • One HDMI 2.1 4K@120Hz 8K@60 4:4:4 eARC CEC Premium Fiber Optic Cable
  • Can Expand to Four HDMI 2.1 4K@120Hz 8K@60 independent Plugs, also Bi-Directional
  • Connects 4K 8K Smart-TVs, Projectors, Gaming, VR, Multi-Screen Walls, at Full Distance with Perfect Original Uncompressed Sound & Video Quality
  • Detachable HDMI Plugs from the main fiber optic cable to pass in Dry Walls & Electrical Conduints, In-Wall rated
  • eARC special link returns audio from TV or Projector to AV Receiver Speakers at full distance with no loss on ATMOS
  • Includes Four-Ports Ethernet to bring Fiber Speed internet to Smart-TV, Projector, Gaming, Smart Home Devices, Wifi access points, IP Phones, etc, at full speed from the router
  • Includes Three of 3.5mm Gold mini jack links for any auxiliary connection such as projector screen control, IR, Speakers, Smart-Home Music & Audio, Spdif, etc
  • Includes Digital Coaxial TV to bring cable/satellite/aerial channels to the TV
  • Can expand for USB controllers, VR Headsets, USB-2-3-C devices with Zero-Lag
  • Pre-Installed Braided Sleeve on both sides to attach old cable or fish tape and pull it through in minutes
  • Fire Rated - In Wall Rated - In Counduit Rated - In Door Out Door Rated - UV Rated - Our 4K 8K HDMI Fiber Optic Canble is Rated for any Residential or Commercial or Professional Applications Installations

EXCLUSIVE Detachable HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Plugs

EXCLUSIVE Patented Removable HDMI 2.1 Fiber Plugs to pass the Cable through Walls or Conduits without damaging the HDMI Connector. Our connectors also includes our special long-range eARC audio return channel link to play over speakers plus our special eCEC Long-Run Consumer Electronics Control Link to remote control all HDMI devices from the TV remote.  With Our IROVF Cables eARC & CEC works at any distance - For Real!

Fibercommand IROVF is the Newest Integrated Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1 Cable, specifically designed to wire homes with all the ultimate ultra-speed signals such as gigabit fiber internet, 4K/8K TV Streaming, Gaming, VR Virtual Reality, On-Line AI, and more, all in one cable, eliminating the need for multiple CAT-6 cables which not only cannot deliver the needed speed but also requires extra adapters to convert the signals.

With IRO-V-F Integrated Fiber Optic Home Wiring Cable all signals are pure uncompressed, converted between fiber and electric through the included fiber plugs, so no extra converters are needed as well no power, simplifying the installation.

The IRO-V-F Fiber Cable is indestructible with 12 armored Kevlar strands inside, you can pull through walls, conduits, residential & commercial rated.

HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Ends are snap-in detachable from the main cable, to pass the cable anywhere without damaging the HDMI, as well replaceable at any time in case of need without need to remove the cable.

IRO-V-F cable includes 24x OM5 Fibers over Two MPO Female TYPE-A straight connectors, industry standard compatible to everything, for a total bandwidth of 2.4 Terabits Uncompressed.
IRO-V-F is exclusive world patent of Fibercommand, see our patents section for more details.

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