FiberCommand IROVF:

IROVF is an internationally patented uncompressed 8K video cable that combines HDMI, Internet, TOSLINK, and infrared remote control in a powerful and easy-to-use tool. Conceived for home applications, it transmits 4K and 8K HDMI 2.1 video, with 4:4:4 and HDR, with zero perceptible lag. The cable combines an uncompressed laser fiber optic cable in lengths from 3 to 1,000 feet, together with two TOSLINK, 10Gb Ethernet, infrared remote control, gaming extender, and more. IROVF delivers full 48 Gb/s bandwidth up to 500 meters with no external power supply. IROVF simultaneously delivers video and IR remote signals, serial, data, audio, 1/10Gb Ethernet, and USB, in a slim and flexible all-in-one cable that fits drywall, conduits, and keystone wall plates. It is ideal for Full HDR TV and even VR gaming. Though pitched at residential, judges could see where this innovative option could simplify the right commercial installation. “Any product that will simplify installation for my installers while bringing reliable transmission of high-quality video to my client quickly moves to the top of products I will use.”

Fibercommand Fiber HDMI Extenders Cables:

FiberCommand’s IROVF is fiber optic with integrated extender, no power supply, no black box, no mess, and boasts zero lag up to 10K. IROVF is the next-gen integrated super fiber-wire extender standard for 4k, 8k and 10k HDMI video distribution and entertainment. It delivers full 48Gbs bandwidth with uncompressed zero-lag performance up to 500m with no external power supply. IROVF delivers simultaneously both video and IR remotes, serial, data, extra audios, 1/10Gbge internet, USB, all-in-one slim flexible cable that fits drywall, conduits and keystone wall plates, and is ideal for Full-HDR TV and even VR Gaming. No need for messy and underperforming black boxes. IROVF is just ONE cable.

Fibercommand VisionBeam – HydraView:

Visionbeam is a World-Wide Patented HDMI to Fiber Detachable Extender Dongle that revolutionize the HDMI 2.1 Extenders world with easy Fiber Optic use and Full Uncompressed4K 8K HDMI Quality.
Hydraview is a Multi-HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Extender Cable for Video Walls or Multi Monitors Applications.

Our panel of AV expert judges evaluated these products on site and in person as part of the unique return to live that is InfoComm 2021.

Congratulations to the InfoComm 2021 Best of Show winners and all the product teams that worked on them.

Fibercommand Fiber HDMI Extenders:

FiberCommand’s IROVF is the Winner of 2021 BEST PRODUCT For Video Distribution 4K 8K Uncompressed Quality.

Fibercommand VisionBeam – HydraView:

New All In One Fiber Optic cable connects SIX HDMI 2.1 4K 8K HDMI or DP TVs or Monitors with perfect 48gbps uncompressed quality without requiring extenders or configurations.
Ideal new solution for Signage or sports bars or video walls

Best of Show, InfoComm 2021 - Digital Signage

Fibercommand IROvF PRO Video 1

Multiple Award Winner HDMI 2.1 Uncompressed Fiber Optic Integrated Cable Extender - Replaces all CAT6 Extenders for full HDMI 2.1 True Uncompressed 48gbps HDR Quality - No More need for Converter Boxes.  One Cable Does It All.