Wire Homes With Fiber Optics

One Cable Incapsulate All The Traditional Signals + Fiber Optics

Fibercommand IROvF is the next generation Integrated Fiber Optic Wiring Cable to pre-wire Homes for the modern Fiber Internet & 8K Television delivering full fiber speed quality to every room with 2.4 terabit of bandwidth to satisfy any entertainment, data, tv, multimedia, sound connection.
Install the IROvF cable today, decide tomorrow what to connect, limit is the sky.

Just One Cable
For All Signals + Fibers

Copper Cables are limited in speed and introduces Lags no more acceptable with modern fiber internet, Streaming, Gaming, work from home and TV.
Moreover CAT-6 cables do nothing without expensive converters adapter boxes to connect any signal, which also increase the 24/7 energy bills.
IROvF is ready to connect, no need for converters, and delivers full fiber speed connection to every room together with auxiliary plugs to connect everything you need today and tomorrow, with the integrated flexibility we always wanted for our future-proof homes.

The Best Fiber Optics

Everything in future is Fiber Optic, because the speed.  Virtual Reality, Work from Home, Next Generation AI, Internet, VR Social, On-Demand Cinema, 4K, 8K, all is about the best Speed.  Fibercommand IROvF comes Pre-Terminated with the Best Industry-Standard MPO Fiber Optic Connectors, used by professional Internet Providers in the main data-centers for their absolute reliability.  Each MPO plugs has 12 OM3 fiber optics carrying 100 gigabit speed on each fiber for a total of 2.4 Terabit per IROvF Cable, future proof.

Simple Installation

Pull one cable from the AV Closet to each room. Done.
IROvF includes all the traditional signals PLUS the best Future-Proof Fiber Optic technology with 2.4 terabit of bandwidth to connect everything.
IROvF PRO brings to every room:

Fiber Internet from the modem to the room
with 4 PORTS to connect 4 devices
11 Spare Fibers for expansion
( Direct-to-fiber devices / Smart Hubs / WiFi / USB / VR / Kids Network / each fiber is 100 Giga over LC plugs breakout in-room pigtail at the wall plate)
HDMI 2.1 HD 4K 8K 10K
120Hz hdr10+ ARC eARC CEC 48Gigabit -Home Theater Surround Ready
Digital TV Coax
for Sat/Cable/Aerial
Triple TRS 3.5mm plugs
for any Audio / Remote / Trigger / 232 / Bus / Phones / Sound Bar & Speakers / Alexa / Bluetooth / Whole Home Sound Speakers etc
Home Owner Expansions
Home Owner can connect at the wall plate Extra HDMI for multiple TVs & Gaming, Virtual Reality, keyboard & Mouse by purchasing accessories at any time.

Just One Cable!

Buy Now

IROvF PRO Fiber Cable Kit
- 24 Fibers + 3 TRS
- 2x Fiber Pigtails 12 LC
- 1x Set Ethernet Switch 4Ports
- 1x Set HDMI 2.1 Plugs


Add Wall Plates

Optional 4K/8K Keystones Wall Plates
Each Sold Separately

Complete Connection from In-Wall to the Room
Cable can also connect direct  without these wall plates.


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