4K 8K HDMI Fiber Extender

The Cable IS the Extender

No More Adapters needed

24 Fiber Optics | 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 | 232/IR | Aux Audio | Aux Controls | 48Gbps | ARC/eARC | CEC | 120Hz | Zero-Lag | Fiber Ethernet | Bi-Directional | Expandable_Multi_HDMI |

IRO-V-F PRO HDMI Fiber Optic Extender

IRO-V-F Pro Kit
4K 8K HDMI Fiber Extender
- Fiber 4K 8K HDMI 2.1 120Hz 48gbps
- Triple TRS link for any IR/232/Trigger/Spdif/Audio
- ARC/eARC | CEC | full HDMI 2.1 | HDCP 2.3
- Fiber Ethernet with 4 ports Giga adapters
- Digi Coax for any bus or Digital TV
- Includes 11x FREE LC Expansion Fibers 100giga each
Connects directly.


Optional Wall Plates

Optional 4K/8K Keystones Wall Plates
Each Sold Separately

Complete Connection from In-Wall to the Room
Cable can also connect direct  without these wall plates.



HDMI Over Fiber

4K 8K 120HZ

Our Exclusive World-Patented Fiber HDMI Heads delivers full uncompromised uncompressed HDMI 4K 8K up to 48Gbps 2.1 with full ARC eARC CEC VRR ALLM without requiring any extra external power.  HDMI Laser plugs are detachable from the main fiber optic cable to pass the cable anywhere as in-walls or conduits for easy installation anywhere.  More 4K 8K HDMI Heads can be installed on this fiber cable extender simply adding the accessory at the end of this page, making a Bi-Directional Multi 4K 8K HDMI Fiber optic extender over one cable.

Fiber Optic Ethernet


Connect with full fiber-speed zero-lag up to 4 Full Gigabit devices such as Smart TV streaming, Laptop, Gaming, VOIP Phones, Local WiFi, Smart Home Hubs, or any other device. The Kit includes a 12 LC Fiber Breakout Cable with 11 Free plugs to connect any additional smart home device, or additional 4K 8K HDMI screens, or our KVM terminal accessory to remote control Hidden Computers, for a total of 1.2 Terabit ( 100 gigabit per each LC fiber plug )



IRO-V-F PRO HDMI Fiber Optic Extender includes Three TRS digital links to be used for any IR Infrared / 232 / 485 / SPDIF digital audio 192khz / L-R Analog Audio for subwoofer - sound bars - center speakers / XLR Balanced audio / GPI / Triggers / Analog Phones / Smart Home Bus / Bi-Directional T-R-S / or any other analog-digital signal. These Gold-Plated links exceed S/N professional performances and can be used for any professional-grade analog or digital error-free absolutely reliable connections.

Can Use Wall Plates

Our Exclusive Patented HDMI Fiber Optic Plugs installs inside the wall behind the wall plates, delivering Full 48gbps HDMI 2.1 4K 8K 120Hz ARC/eARC CEC ALLM VRR Dolby Vision Atmos UNCOMPRESSED 4:4:4 original quality with full Dynamic HDR.  No power supply is required as it takes the power from the connected source when operated, otherwise off, totally green power. Our HDMI Laser Heads are covered by unlimited warranty, and connects to the main cable via industry-standard MPO Fiber Optic Connectors. The MPO connector can be split with our additional optional accessory at the end of this page in two MPO to fit two 4k 8k HDMI also Bi-Directional, as example to install a Gaming console in the room and return its AV to the Surround sound receiver away in a closet, while the first HDMI send the video back from the AV receiver to the room TV or projector.  Up to 3 4K 8K HDMI can be installed on the same cable by splitting both MPO connectors in two using more accessories.


Add More HDMI

Split Main Fiber PLUG in Two
to connect the extra 4K 8K HDMI plugs.
Add 2 for 1 extra HDMI
Add 4 for 2 extra HDMI


Extra Fiber HDMI Plugs
4K 8K 120Hz D-HDR ARC eARC CEC VRR sound & video over the same fiber cable.  Use for PS5, XBOX, Multi-TV  Wall, or other.
Add 1 for 1 extra HDMI
Add 2 for 2 extra HDMI


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