Marantz 4K 8K Kit

Best 4K 8K Fiber Optics.

4K 8K 120Hz 48g HDR Atmos Vision

With All Ultra-Speed Connections

For Real Ultra HD TV

Like No Others Can Do

IROVF is the Game Changer in AV.

No Compression, No Loss, No Lag.

No Programming, Simple To Install.
Use With AV Receivers, Matrix, TVs, Projectors.

No HDMI cable or extender can do.

Real 48giga HDMI 2.1 

Our Fiber Optics delivers 120Hz 4K 8K

where extenders stops @ 10giga CAT-8!

Easy To Pass Anywhere 

Exclusive Removable HDMI to pass the Main Cable in Walls or Any 1/2" Conduits without damaging the plugs

Fiber Ethernet Included!

Connect to Internet @ Fiber Speed
Play Movies in 4K 8K HDR Vision
Play Gaming with No Network Lag
11x Expansion LC for Multi-TVs etc.

All is included!

Bonus Connections Included!

Eliminates Multiple Cables
Triple TRS Ultra Links to Use for:

IR Remote Control Blasters | AV_Receiver Controls & Audio to-from room | Sub-Woofer Audio | Sound Bar Aux Audio | Alexa Music | USB Gaming Controllers Extender | Smart Home Control Bus | Screen Triggers | Audio | Spdif | Data | 232 | 485  | Bus | GPI | Any Bi-Directional | Etc.

Can Pass Via Wall-Plates

Connect direct or via Wall Plates.

Green Energy, No Power required.

Add Multiple HDMI 8K

FOUR HDMI 8K Over Same Cable.

Bi-Directional Installations

Add at any time

Get the Best 4K 8K Quality

Install Real 4K 8K

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