PRO Ultra-Fiber HDMI

Zero-Noise 48Giga Bandwidth

Why You can See & Hear The Difference with our IRO-V-F Cables:
- Any HDMI Electric Silver Copper Cable introduces
Bit Jittering!
due to Phase-Rotations, cable turns, imperfect propagation,
limits of the silver and copper metals them selves.
This Happens Also in super-expensive HDMI cables.

- TVs Correct these errors, but signal is no more original.

- Our cables are Laser, Speed of light, No Delays & No Errors

Try our cable and Hear / See the Original Best Quality

TOP Audio / Video / CEC / eARC
Each Signal Has a Link

Includes Removable Heads

Easy-Pass the Main Cable Anywhere

TOP Complete Features
No Limits to your Entertainment

The Future-Proof HDMI Cable

10 Ft (3m)20 Ft (6m)30 Ft (9m)40 Ft (12m)50 Ft (15m)75 Ft (22m)100 Ft (30m)150 Ft (45m)200 Ft (60m)250 Ft (76m)330 Ft (100m)

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