The Most Advanced HDMI Cable

Why FiberCommand HDMI Cables Are THE BEST

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The Cable IS the Extender
No Adapters Need

Complete Connections
for Best 4K 8K

The Best Sound & Video
Pro HDMI 2.1 48gbps

Ultra-Speed Fiber Optics

Zero Loss / Zero Noise

PRO Snap-In HDMI Heads
Remove to Pass The Cable

TOP PRO Performances
Try our cable
See & Hear the difference

With CAT-7 Ultra Ethernet

Pure Internet Speed
Best 4K 8K TV & Gaming

With Mini-Jack Pro-Link
Extend Remote Controls
or Smart Home appliances

Super Slim
In-Wall Rated

Connect Direct
Or Via Wall Plates

10 Ft (3m)20 Ft (6m)30 Ft (9m)40 Ft (12m)50 Ft (15m)75 Ft (22m)100 Ft (30m)150 Ft (45m)200 Ft (60m)250 Ft (76m)330 Ft (100m)

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