CABLE ONLY | IROVF-XG | No HDMI Plugs - No Accessories


PureFIBER XG is a pre-terminated ready to connect Hybrid Fiber Optic + Electric cable with 4 fiber optics plus digital ultra coaxial plus CAT-7 plus one high speed link for any audio, data, smart control, digital bus, serial, trigger or any other type of signals. One Cable Does It All.

Just Pull One Cable

Connect every room with ultra speed fiber optics for fiber internet, multimedia, sound, controls, smart home, alarms, phones, gaming, streaming, TV and more.
Future Proof installations with the speed of light no copper cable can do.

Simple To Pass anywhere

Thanks to our Patented Detachable Terminations the Main Fiber Optic Cable can be pulled though walls, raceways, 3/4" conduits without any problem nor the risk to damage any termination.
Use a Fish Tape or the Old Cable to pull our UnStretchable Kevlar, then connect direct or via wall plate - Done.

Plug n' Play to Wall Plates

PureFIBER PRO is CL3 / FT4 / Plenum Residential & Commercial Rated, compatible to standard Keystones Wall Plates

4x 100 Gigabit Fiber Optics

PureFIBER XG hybrid cables comes pre-terminated with one industry-standard MPO fiber connector installed with 4 fibers for a total of 400 Gigabits of bandwidth (100 giga per fiber) making the cable future-proof for all the next years and any future devices connections, resolutions, speeds.

What is MPO Fiber Optic

MPO is the Fiber Optic Industry-Standard connector for Professional Fiber Optics, delivering the best interconnection reliability with push-pull secure lock system.
Male and Female MPO connects each others using a simple MPO Coupler available also as Wall Plate Keystone. Fibercommand Ecosystem use OM3/OM4/OM5 multi mode fiber optics over Type-A (straight - not crossed) fibers connection MPO patch cords with a length of 300 Meters (OM3) / 400 Meters (OM4) / 500 Meters (OM5)

Breakout Single Fibers

Simple and plug n' play, use our Fiber Pigtail to breakout the MPOs Fibers into single LC fibers each with 100_Gigabits of bandwidth, to connect single devices in any room

(mpo-lc pigtails each sold separately)

Audio / Remotes / Triggers / Coax

PureFIBER XG Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable comes with One 3.5mm Hi-Bandwidth special link to connect any electrical analog or digital signals such as:
IR Infrared Remote Control Eyes | Triggers | RS232 | Smart Home Controls | Telephones | Alarms | Sensors | Smart Home | Data Bus | Bluetooth & Music devices | L/R Audio | XLR Analog or AES Audio | Spdif Audio | Zero-Lag USB Extenders for Gaming or KVM | Any signal between the hidden equipment away in a cabinet, basement or electric closet and the room.
A digital 75 Ohm coaxial cable is also included for any sat/cable/aerial TV or MOCA or digital spdif audio or any digital bus or security video cameras or Aux power supply. This coaxial can also be used as long-run ARC/eARC audio return channel when used with our HDMI terminations. No need to pull extra cables.
One Cable does it All.

(only main cable included - other items on picture are each sold separately)

10 Giga CAT-7 included

PureFIBER XG bundle Fiber + Electric Hybrid cable comes with a pre-terminated Gold-Shielded CAT-7 connection delivering full internet modem speed to every room with also POE+ up to 10 Gigabit of speed. Thanks to the Hy-Velocity double-shielded construction the speed is sustained with no errors nor fluctuation, same as at the router modem, making 4K TV streaming, on-line computing, work from home office, or gaming best with no ethernet network lags or buffering.

Add HDMI 4K 8K at any time

PureFIBER XG can support one HDMI 2.1 termination cord with True Full 48 Gigabit Ultra High Definition Speed.
Watch HD / 4K / 8K 120Hz Dolby Vision Atmos Uncompressed.
HDMI 2.1 compatible to any previous HDMI version, HD/4K/8K, 48gbps, HDR10+, 144Hz / 120Hz / 240Hz, Dolby Vision Atmos, ARC/eARC up to 330 ft/100 meters (patented), CEC, HDCP 2.3 and higher, VRR, ALLM, DSC, QFT, QMS, Dynamic HDR, HLG HDR OETF, Dual View, Multi Audio Streams, TrueHD, DTS-HD, Uncompressed ATMOS, THX.

(each set sold separately)

Better than Any Extender

Don't Waste Your 4K 8K HDR TVs Quality using CAT-6/7/8 cables
All Extenders, also the Top most expensive, Compress your Video

Technical Specifications

PureFIBER XG Main Cable

Pre-Terminated Fiber+Electric (patented)
Our one-of-a-kind IROvF pre terminated "Fiber+Electric patch cord cables" (patented) makes every data & multimedia installations simple anywhere, with ready-for-signals plug 'n play connections without requiring expensive converters adapters.
Where standard Hybrid Pre-terminated cables does nothing, Our PureFIBER cables connects Audio, Video, Data, Bus, Smart Home, Fiber Internet, USB, VR, Controls, Alarms, Telephones, and all the ultimate signals direct of via common keystones wall plates.
Pony-Tail Staggered Connectors (patented)
Pre-Terminated connectors are staggered to reduce the pulling diameter through walls, conduits, raceways.
Our cable can pull through a 3/4" conduit leaving space for any extra or pre-existing cable.
Connectors comes protected by a plastic wrap plus an outer Nylon braided sleeve, ready for any construction site, weather-proof.
A Kevlar Strands cord attach to any Fish Tape or Old Cables to pull the PureFIBER cable through anywhere, also very crowded conduits with 90 degrees turns, without any risk to damage the fibers.
Fiber Optics
Two MPO Female connectors with 4 OM3 Multi Mode Fiber Optics each - Total 4 Fibers
Each Fiber strand supports 100 Gigabit/s Speed
Total Cable Bandwidth is 400 Gigabit/s
MPO connection standard is TYPE-A Straight (1to1, 2to2, 3to3,4to4,  5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 NC), no crossing.
MPO can be connected direct or via MPO Keystones through wall plates
Electric Signals
One Gold Plated Hi-Bandwidth 3.5mm TRS Plug link for any Analog/Digital/Bus/GPI/Trigger/IR signals
The TRS plug ( Tip , Ring, Sleeve ) has a Ultra High Velocity twisted pair shielded cable delivering >100dB s/n for analog applications such as unbalanced mono or stereo or XLR balanced audios.
Typical connections includes:  L/R Analog audio, SPDIF digital audio, AES EBU XLR audio, IR Infrared remote control blasters, GPI & Triggers for screens or controls, Analog Telephone lines, Alarms, Smart Home Data Bus, Sound Feed to Sound Bars or SubWoofers with zero noise zero lag, Music return from in-room bluetooth receivers or DJ systems or voice controlled Smart Home players to feed the sound from the room back to the amplifiers, AUX sound feed to sound bars for whole home sound distribution, USB 2.0 gaming controllers extension with absolute zero lag using our USB ZERO adaptor, any other analog/digital signal within 1 Mhz bandwidth.
TRS can be connected direct or via 3.5mm Keystones through wall plates.
Variety of 3.5mm adapter connectors or cables are available to connect TRS to XLR, Screw Terminals, RCA, BNC, or any other type of connector, also with extension cable from a wall plate to the device.
Extended eARC (patented)
Our special eARC Priority Dedicated Gold Plated connector transports perfect full uncompressed eARC Enhanced Audio Return Channel for up to 330 feet ( 100 meters ) with no loss.
Different from other cables, the PureFIBER transports the ARC / eARC over a special link ( patented ) dedicated ( not shared with other signals ), unique in the industry.
As result, the PureFIBER PRO cable is the Best cable for 4K 8K Vision Atmos Home Theater installations.
Digital Coax/ARC/eARC
The digital coax can be used to return ARC/eARC audio from the TV/Projector back to the AV receiver connecting it to the special coax coming out on our HDMI connectors.(patented ARC/eARC over long run coax)
When ARC/eARC is not used, our 75 Ohm Hi-Velocity Digital Coax cable can be used for for any 3G-SDI Video, RF Television (SAT/CABLE/AERIAL), digital bus, Security Video Cameras, Smart Home Data, MOCA, A/D audio, USB controller extension system (in addition to the TRS links)
Gold Plated Coax connector is SMA 75ohm (custom) and comes with SMA to F adapters for both sides of the cable.
CAT-7 Ultra Ethernet
Our PureFIBER Hybrid fiber optic cable includes a High-Performances double gold shielded 10 Gigabit ethernet cable, ready to plug.
Our pre-terminated CAT-7 is pre-terminated with Gold-Plated professional RJ45 connector to guarantee the maximum internet to the room speeds with no loss and no lags.
Our CAT-7 brings to the room the same internet speed at the internet modem side with no fluctuation, interferences, speed drops, packets errors or collision, typical of CAT5/6 cables.
The benefit of using our included CAT-7 for the internet distribution is Huge, as it makes any Internet TV Streaming such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TVs always offered with the Best 4K@60/120 HDR10+ quality as well Dolby Vision Atmos full sound, usually lost when CAT-5/6 or wifi are used as the TV player "will tell to the server there is not enough continuous bandwidth..."
With our CAT-7 the speed to the room is same as the original at the mode, no drops, perfect playback, perfect gaming, no ethernet buffering, no lags.
Cable Ratings
CL3 FT4 Fire Rated for commercial & residential applications
UV Rated can be used directly exposed to sun light outdoor, water-rain-weather resistant.
Can be buried in conduits, resist to outdoor moisture.
In-Wall Rated, Plenum, In-Conduit, In Door, Out Door.
Operating Temperature Typ. -40°C to +105°C
Outer Jacket Diameter 10 millimeters
Max Pull Diameter (at largest connectors point) 0.58 inches / 14.77 millimeters

HDMI Terminations (set sold separately)

Detachable Fiber Optic HDMI Termination (patented)
World-Wide Exclusive patented 8K Removable Fiber optic termination allow to pass the main cable anywhere then connect the HDMI, reducing the required diameter of the main fiber cable to pass in any conduit without the risk of damaging the HDMI connectors.
Removable HDMI connectors can be replaced at any time without the need to replace the entire cable, making the PureFIBER solution ideal for Home, residential, commercial integration, replacing slow cat6/7/8 extension solutions which also limits the HDMI quality to max 10 gigabit, bottleneck of the cable speed.
Full HDMI 2.1 HD/4K/8K/10K
Our LASERTAIL PRO fiber optic HDMI extenders terminations supports all HDMI formats up to the latest HDMI 2.1 48 gigabit.
Specifications includes:
- Fiber Optic laser transmission for pure error-free noise-free connection of video & sound no copper cable can do.
- Full Compatibility with any legacy HDMI TMDS up to HDMI 2.1 FRL 48gigabit/s full speed
- Full Compatibility with any legacy HDCP up to HDCP 2.3 or Higher
- backwards compatible with earlier HDMI versions such as HDMI 1.3/1.4/2.0a/2.0b
- supports any resolution including SD HD 3D 4K 8K 10k
- Supports all frames rates including 4K@30 4K@60 4K@120Hz 8K@60 (and world-wide variants)
- Supports DSC 4K@240Hz
- Supports 4K@144Hz 4:4:4 Uncompressed
- Full 4:4:4 HDR10+ Uncompressed (HDMI 2.1 Standard FRL 48gigabit full speed)
- Dolby Atmos, THX, TRUE-HD, object-based audio, uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1, and 32-channel uncompressed audio
- Full Specs HDMI 2.1 including DSC, ALLM, QFT, QMS, VRR, Dynamic HDR,
Extended Length eARC (patented)
Unique on the market our special Dedicated eARC Exclusive Priority link connects the sound from the TV or projector back to the AV receiver up to 330 Feet (100 meters) away in the basement or electrical closet without losing the original surround quality while playing movies or apps on the smart TV. Since there is no compression, no wire-sharing with other signals, our eARC sound quality is Pure-Perfect, same as the original, with no loss.
Extended CEC Remote Controls
PureFIBER PRO Fiber Cables includes our Enhanced Hi-Velocity CEC Consumer Electronic Control link enabling the discovery and control of all the connected HDMI cec devices directly from the TV or Projector remote control, without the need for multiple remote controls.  Simply connect your TV or Projector with our PureFIBER Cable to the AV receiver away in the basement or closet, and the TV/Projector will find all the devices. Only legacy old HDMI devices or non-cec capable devices will not be discovered, and for these simply use a traditional IR blaster such as our IR KIT.

Install the Cable & Decide Later what to connect

Connect anything Today & Tomorrow
A vast range of accessories are available to connect anything.
It is common to install the cable with a wall plate to each room or desk then add out of the wall plate any termination needed time by time.
Available Accessories & Terminations includes:
- HDMI 2.1 Termination Cords ( up to FOUR HDMI 4K/8K 2.1 48Giga over the same cable, also bi-directional)
- DP Display Port Termination Cords
- USB-C 3.2 termination cords (computer or Virtual Reality or any USB-C 3.x such as Web Cams, or other devices)
- USB 2.0 Zero Lag Gaming controllers adapters
- KVM Keyboard Video Mouse connectors pod
- Fiber Splitters to connect mode devices out of the wall plate plug
- IR InfraRed remote control blaster
- XLR cable for any Analog Audio / Digital Audio / DMZ controls
- RCA cable for any Analog Audio / Spdif / Subwoofer feed / aux audio feeds
- SCREW TERMINALS adapter for Triggers or GPI
Each LC Fiber connector is COLOR-CODED making it simple to connect the same color both sides of the cable for a wanted connection.
Each LC Fiber connector is independent and has its own bandwidth independent from any other signal in the cable.