IROvF XG | FIBER Optic HDMI 2.1 Integrated Cable 4K 8K 120Hz HDR with Ultra Ethernet and controls for Best Complete Setup of 4K/8K Smart TVs & Projectors

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IROVF XG is the best most complete HDMI 2.1 Fiber optic cable designed to connect the latest 4K 8K Smart TVs, Projectors, Gaming with All the needed Ultra Speed signals for the Best 4K 8K Entertainment

Key Benefits:

  • No Extra Adapters Needed!
    Our New world-wide Patented technology Eliminates the need for bulky adapters because our integrated fiber optic cable does it all.
  • BEST HDMI 2.1 Full 4K/8K/10K Quality
    Unlike CAT-6 extenders which compress the quality to pass the cat-6/7 max speed bottle-neck of 10gigabit, Our Fiber Optic Cables works at full 48 gigabit speed, full HDMI 2.1 Standard, so our quality is obviously perfect, way better respect any CAT-6 based solution.
  • BEST 4K/8K Colors | Contrast | HDR10+
    Our HDMI 2.1 is True 48gigabit without any loss typical of All Copper HDMI Cables including the most expensive ones
    (no-one excluded! Copper Cannot pass the HDMI 2.1 EYE 48gigabit Signal Integrity after few feet). With our LASER HDMI 2.1 you can tell the difference as our Colors, Contrast, HDR10+ Cannot be matched by any expensive HDMI Copper Active Cable.
  • BEST 4K TV Streaming
    The Special Integrated Ultra Speed Ethernet CAT-7 cable connects your Internet Router to the Smart TV or Projector at the maximum speed to play 4K Movies & Internet Videos without Buffering and always with the Best Available Resolution.
    This CAT-7 can also be used with simple USB Adapters Tips to extend Gaming Controllers / Keyboards / Mouse and any USB device, leaving the computer or console away from the room.  
  • BEST Universal Remote Control
    With our Fiber Cable your TV or Projector DISCOVER ALL CONNECTED SOURCES and controls everything from the Smart TV or Projector remote control, easy and best. Most of the HDMI Cables or Extenders lose this functionality after few feet, so your remote control will not work as it should.

    Our Fiber Cable is ready to connect to any HD/4K 8K AV Receiver Surround Sound System including all the premium control signals such as ARC/eARC/CEC for a complete system integration and best performances like no other HDMI solution.
  • 3.5mm MiniJack Link
    Use it with common connectors adapters for any SPDIF / Audio / Data / Trigger / 232 / USB Controllers for gaming, or to connect ALEXA Music to the AV Receiver. Any Audio, Any Data, Any Trigger, Also Bi-Directional.
  • Detachable Fiber Optic HDMI Plugs
    Pass the cable through Furniture or Walls without risk to damage the HDMI plugs. Simple & Easy Installation Anywhere
  • 400 Gigabit Ultra Speed - Future Proof
    Our Fiber Cable has 400 Gigabit of Fiber Optic Speed included, Already 4k 120Hz/8K/10K capable, and can support any future Higher Resolutions simply upgrading the HDMI Tips at any time, without the need to remove the main cable from the installation.
    Our Fiber Optic cable is made with premium ultra-flex fiber optics plus Kevlar Armored Fibers, so it can turn 90 degrees, extreme pull forces through walls, conduits, furniture, UV / Humidity / Water / Cold / Heat proof, In-Wall / In-Ceiling / In-Door / Out-Door / CL2 / CL3 / FT4 / Plenum Resistant Rated for any Home, Residential, Commercial, Professional Application.
    Covered by more than 50 international patents, our cable delivers the best quality for the best audio video & entertainment applications, like no others.

Key Features:

  • 4 Fiber Optics Cable with 400 Gigabit for uncompressed audio video data
  • HDMI 2.1 4K120Hz 8K60Hz 48Gbps FRL Laser Connection
  • Detachable HDMI 8K Plugs for easy installation through walls or conduits
  • Integrated CAT-7 10 Giga Ethernet for best TV Streaming & Gaming
  • Digital Coax Cable for Classic Coax TV or eARC or USB extender accessory
  • One 3.5mm Aux TRS Plugs for any IR/232/Controls/SPDIF/Triggers Links
  • eARC CEC Dolby Atmos DTS True-HD uncompressed Zero-Lag
  • Connects 4K 8K Smart-TVs, Projectors, Gaming, VR, Multi-Screen Walls, at Full Distance with Perfect Original Uncompressed Sound & Video Quality
  • In-Wall Rated - In-Conduit Rated - In Door Out Door Rated - UV Rated, for any Residential or Commercial or Professional Applications Installations

With Removable Fiber HDMI Ends for easy installation anywhere - INCLUDED


With Best Integrated Remote Control - INCLUDED

Ready for Surround Sound Control - INCLUDED

With Ultra Speed Ethernet for Best 4K/8K TV Streaming & Zero-Lag Gaming - INCLUDED

Also Coaxial for Sat/Cable/Aerial 4K 8K TV Channels - INCLUDED

Modular Future-Proof Fiber Optics Cable - INCLUDED

Simple To pull in Walls or Cabinets - INCLUDED

Can also use With Keystone Wall Plates ( optional )

Technical Specifications

Winner of Industry Awards

Way Better than CAT-6/7/8 Solutions

Perfect for Whole House AV Installations

Smart TV Connection

Projectors Connection

Home Theater Systems Connection

Man Caves Connection

Meeting Rooms & Edu Connection

Home Offices Connection

IR Infrared Remote Control

USB Extender

VR Virtual Reality


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