Home Fiber Ethernet Kit is a fiber optic cable designed to run in walls, attic, ceiling, to connect every room to the main internet modem with full fiber optic speed without loss or data buffering.
The cable is CL3 FT4 Plenum rated, ready to pull anywhere in residential or commercial application using a regular Fish Tape or attaching to the old Cat6 copper cable.
UnStretchable, the cable is built with armored Kevlar, ultra resistant and completely flexible also 90 degrees.   The Heads are HALF INCH and pass through any crowded electrical conduit using the included braided sleeve pull-kit.
Based on Industry Standard MPO FEMALE connectors, the main cable can connect direct or pass through wall plates using common MPO KEYSTONES ( keystones and wall plates are sold separately ).
The kit includes 12 FIBERS with breakout pigtail with standard LC FIBER PLUGS, each carries 100 Gigabit bandwidth ( 1.2 tera total ) and only one is used to connect to the included ELECTRICAL ETHERNET to Fiber adapters leaving 11 plugs free for any Smart-Home future expansion such as video, data, KVM, controls, etc...
The Included ELECTRIC TO FIBER adapters comes with 4 standard RJ45 ports to connect directly to TVs for 4k 8k TV streaming, gaming consoles, VOIP, Local WiFi access points, or any other device.    The Adapters have full IGMP multi-gigabit switch, ideal for any high speed routing and streaming, for a perfect Home Fiber-Speed next generation networking.


  • One Main Fiber Optic MPO/MPO female-Female Type-A Cables
  • Two MPO to LC fiber optic breakout pigtails
  • Two Fiber To Electrical Ethernet converters with 4 RJ45 ports each

Sold Separately:

  • Complete MPO Wall Plate

    HOME Fiber Ethernet Kit | connect internet router to the rooms with full fiber ultra speed