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Fiber Optic Speed NETWORK | 4K 8K TV | SOUND | HDMI | SMART HOME CONTROLS in every room.
Just Pull One Cable per each room!

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wire house with fiber optic network internet and smart home automation tv hdmi audio video surround home theater data all with one fiber optic cable

IROVF-PRO Fiber Optic Cable Only - No HDMI Terminations or extra adapters (for bundle pack click here )

The IROVF PRO is a professional ready-to-use Fiber optic + Electric Patch-Cord (patented) including 24 Fiber optics strands for 2.4 Terabit of total uncompressed bandwidth over two industry-standard MPO fiber optic female connectors.

Ideal for any Ultra-Speed application, the IROVF PRO Delivers TOP Fiber-Speed Hi-Performances Networking Best for 5G Internet, 4K 8K TV streaming, 8K Gaming, VR Virtual Reality, On-Line Meeting, etc.

Very tiny and flexible with Its exclusive pony-tail design (patented) can easily pass through any wall or 3/4 or smaller conduit with minimum effort, delivering at once a full range of ultra-high-speed connections most wanted for any modern TV & Multimedia audiovisual or data interconnection.

The cable pony-tail terminations (patented) comes pre-wrapped into a water-proof nylon braided sleeve (patented) ready to pull through wall or conduits using the old cables or any common fish-tape.

A 12 Strands Armored Kevlar makes the IROVF PRO cable indestructible and completely un-stretchable, ready for any residential, commercial, security, military or any other application where absolute transmission quality, data security, and durability are most wanted.

The IROVF PRO can be used with many of our accessories to connect a wide variety of signals, as well can be used through wall plates simply adding an MPO or signals Keystones.

Cable Only - No extra accessories included

 Main Technical Specifications
  • GREEN ENERGY - the cable does not require external power supply
  • Fiber Optic + Electric Patch cord with installed connectors (patented)
  • Dual MPO Female / MPO Female fiber optic connectors with 12 Fibers Each
  • OM5 24 Fibers - 2.4 Terabit up to 500 Meters
  • TYPE-A Straight connection 1-1 / 12-12
  • Dual 12-Ghz Hyper-Velocity digital Coaxial Cable for RF/TV/USB/DATA/WIFI/long-run eARC (patented)/SDI/AES-EBU or any other RF communication.
  • TRIPLE 3.5mm TRS shielded links for any IR/Controls/232/485/SPDIF/AES-EBU/Analog Digital Aux Audio/Triggers/etc.
  • 7-PIN Power & GPI shielded sharing bus
  • Industrial KEVLAR ANTI-STRETCH protection
  • IN-WALL Rated
  • IN-CONDUIT Rated
  • IN-DOOR / OUT-DOOR Rated
  • UV Rays Proof
  • Can pass though 90 Degrees turns in conduits
  • Connectors comes sealed into Water-Proof Nylon Braided Sleeves (patented) ready to pull in conduits using the old cables to pull or any common Fish-Tape
  • 5 Years Warranty

Looking for a BUNDLE CABLE + ACCESSORIES - Click Here


Multiple HDMI

Fiber Speed Ethernet

Use with Wall Plates

Future-Proof Speed Fiber Optics

Rated for any Installation

Whole House Entertainment

Smart TVs Connection

Projectors Connection

Home Theater Rooms

Man Caves Rooms

Meeting Rooms & Schools

Home Offices

Technical Specifications

Industry AWARDS


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