The FIBER WALLPLATE® WP2-PRO-1G-1HDMI-1MPO-1COAX-3TRS is a 1-Gang wall plate pre-installed with 1x HDMI 4K/8K Keystone plus 1x MPO fiber optic keyUP/keyDOWN keystone, plus 1x Type-F Coaxial TV port, plus 3x TRS 3.5mm female jack keystones, compatible with FiberCommand PRO Cables.

8K Multimedia Wall Plate for IROVF PRO Cables

Key Features:
  • 8K Multimedia Wall Plate to connect the IROVF PRO Entertainment Cable from any Dry Wall
  • No Power Supply Required - Professional Reliable Fiber & Gold Plated Connectors to pass 8K or Higher future signals
  • HDMI 8K 48gbps Gold Plated Keystone | MPO for Fiber Optics | 1x Gold-Plated Gigahertz RF TV Coaxial | 3x 3.5mm Gold-Plated Hi-Speed analog/digital jacks
  • KIT includes one wall plate and the set of keystones as displayed, to be installed in one click on the wall plate

FIBER WALLPLATE® WP2-PRO-1G-1HDMI-1MPO-1COAX-3TRS | 1-Gang Wall Plate with 1 MPO + 1 HDMI + 1 Coaxial + 3 TRS 3.5mm jack for PRO cables