HydraVIEW-24-MPO | Pre-Terminated 24 Strand OM3 PureFiber-100-GIG Fiber optics Cable Armored Plenum Indoor/Outdoor Rated Multimode 50/125 with 4 MPO connectors pigtail for 2.4 Terabits of ultra speed data & multimedia with Free Pull-Sleeves Included

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Hydraview-4 is a type-a straight 24 fiber optics OM3 multimode cable with four MPO connectors on each side each connecting six fibers (POSITION 1 TO 6), ideal for multi-job or multi-view applications such as multi-HDMI 2.1 or Video Walls or multi-computing or multi Virtual Reality and any other over the same cable. Connects direct or via 4 MPO Keystones wall plates. MPO connectors are staggered to pass via 3/4" conduits with the included kevlar reinforced braided sleeve and span from 6.5 to 8.2 feet (up to 2.5 meters) . The MPOs can spread to connect distant devices such as different computers, different in-rack devices, video walls TVs etc.

Award Winner Fiber Cables

FiberCommand is 3 Years in a row Best Fiber Optics for Residential & Commercial data & entertainment wiring

Why MPO is the best

MPO is the Best Fibers Industry-Standard multi-fiber unbreakable connector for Residential & Commercial Fiber Optic wiring, delivering the best interconnection reliability with push-pull secure lock system. Male and Female MPO connects each others using a simple MPO Coupler or MPO WALL PLATES. Very compact & robust, MPO connectors are not bulky and easily passes in walls & conduits without any risk to break them. Single fibers can then breakout outside the wall plates to the wanted fiber connectors to satisfy today's and tomorrow's fiber devices in the room, leaving the in-wall the universal MPO standard.

Breakout Pigtails

Split out single fibers from the MPO where needed, as needed, for the connections you need today's & tomorrow.
Pigtails are standard and if one plugs is damaged just change the pigtail without replacing the main MPO cable. Safe and future proof.

Wall Plates & Connections

FiberCommand offers a full range of terminations such as 4K 8K HDMI VIDEO, Fiber Internet, USB-C, Virtual Reality, Keyboard Mouse, Video Walls, IR 232 485 Triggers, Smart Home, MOCA, I2S, Surround Sound Audio, SPDIF, and more. You can place our MPO fiber cables and decide later what to connect at the wall plates.
Limit is The Sky

Simple To Pass anywhere

Thanks to our Patented Detachable Terminations the Main Fiber Optic Cable can be pulled though walls, raceways, 3/4" conduits without any problem nor the risk to damage any termination.
Use a Fish Tape or the Old Cable to pull our UnStretchable Kevlar, then connect direct or via wall plate - Done.

Pass In Any Conduit

Our Fibers are the most flexible and clear in the industry, pass 90 degrees pipes, and are slim to pass through very crowded conduits with no problems

Optional button

Add HDMI 2.1 4K 8K 48gbps

World-Wide Patented Fiber Optic HDMI Plugs allows to pass the slim main cable in walls, racks, cabinets, then click-on the HDMI 2.1 terminations without damages. Termination can be upgraded to future HDMI resolutions without replacing the main cable.
Based on industry-standard MPO professional fiber connectors, our HDMI FIBER PLUGS are 5 ft Long each (1.5 meters), connecting to the main cable via industry-standard MPO snap-in couplers for the best, robust, reliable fiber connection. Based on Fiber-Only absolute best transmission, power is taken by plugging the included USB power connectors to any USB power plug, available on all TVs, Projectors, AV Receivers, or via any simple phone charger or electrical power strip with USB sockets.

Add Fiber Ethernet

Use our "Y" Fiber splitter and Pig Tail to breakout the SIX free expansion Fibers from the PureFIBER ULTRA cable.
Each of the 6 LC OM3 plugs has a speed capacity of 100 Gigabit/s.
One of these plugs can connect our FIBER ETHERNET converter to bring Internet from both sides of the cable at full fiber speed with zero lag, best for 4K/8K TV Streaming, Zero Lag Online Gaming, VR Virtual Reality, Work Computer, Video Conferencing, VOIP Phones, local WiFi adapters, Smart Home Hubs, IP Appliances.
The remaining Five plugs can be used for additional ethernet or KVM keyboard Mouse Adapters, Audio, RS232, IR infrared, or any other expansion.

Add USB / Keyboard / Mouse / IR / 232 / secondary 4K HDMI / Aux Audio

Use our "Y" Fiber splitter and Pig Tail to breakout the SIX free expansion Fibers from the PureFIBER ULTRA cable.
Connect one of the Six available LC Fiber optic plug to our Multimedia Terminal to connect USB 2.0 devices such as Keyboard, Mouse, 3.5mm IR Infrared Controls, RS232, Auxiliary 4K60 HDMI 2.0b 18Gbps video.
This accessory is the ideal to connect Home Office rooms, Printers, USB 2.0 devices, controls, leaving the computer away from the room.
The Additional 4K@60 HDMI can be used for the computer monitor or as second TV screen for a separated content, or to send any 4K video from the Electrical closet to the room such as DVR, alarms, security cams, or the computer.
(1 millisecond response - Not for HI speed online gaming)

Add USB-C 3.x

Using our "Y" Fiber Splitter accessory to break out the expansion fibers it is possible to connect our USB-C accessory termination to connect ultra high speed USB-C devices such as VR Virtual Reality headsets, Computers, Peripherals, Web Cams, any USB-C appliance. The USB-C accessory is long enough to reach the device or VR headset in a comfortable way, providing also the power to recharge batteries if needed.

About Our Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cables Assemblies:

We do next generation Ultra-Speed Super Flex multimedia fiber optics with the highest transmission purity for real time data streaming.

Our exclusive PureFIBER® Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies are made in the USA and built for the lastest 100-Giga per strand data & mulitmedia speeds without fast-dynamic bit-errors, the best for Ultra Video & Multimedia, 3-years in a row best in show in USA.

We have a strict ISO9001 quality control manufacturing process to deliver the best next generation multimedia Fiber Cables.

Our pre-defined lenghts 10 20 30 40 50 75 100 150 200 250 330 feet ship same day through our on-line easy & quick ordering process which offers also payment options as well overnight delivery options.

Longer cables can be coiled in narrow spool without any damage nor data loss, leaving extra for any last minute move or change.

When the order is placed, You will receive an order confirmation immediately with real time information and tracking number so you can plan your installation accordingly.

We only use premium components with best Japanese & German Hi-Tech Ultra Core fiber optics best for Philips Lasers for 4K 8K 10K 16k Multimedia & ultra internet streaming applications.

Our experts can also help you choose the right assembly for your application.

Our pre-terminated fiber optic assemblies are perfect for Homes, Residential, Commercial, Medical, Edu, Mil, Professional applications, where the latest generations of speed for multimedia, meeting, streaming, are most wanted.

We also offers a complete range of exclusive world-wide patented terminations such as HDMI 4K 8K, display Ports, DVI, VGA, USB-C, IR infrared, 232, Triggers, Sound, Smarc controls, and more, to complete and connect the installation at any time with direct connection to the main cable or via wall plates.

We can guarantee your fiber cable will arrive quickly and exceed your expectations, better than any other fiber cable solution, saving your time and money as our solutions delivers the best out of the box functionality & performances.

Standard PureFIBER Manufacturing Features:

  • ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing in the USA. color coded 2-millimeter or sequentially labeled split tubing is installed on each strand for easy identification and extra durability
  • Heat shrink tubing with glue set is used at the transition from the jacket to the split tubing providing the best robustness & strain relief while pulling the assembly
  • Connectors inside the braided sleeves are staggered for less bulk and more flexibility.
  • Connectors are wrapped into a weather-resistant plastic to prevent contamination by pulling lubricants and/or other contaminants, as well to stay unused on a construction site for weeks also exposed to humidity, rain, paint, etc.
  • Each Cable includes labels for an easy installation, connection as well production traceability.
  • Each Cable includes a full test report based on JDSU / AGILENT / TEKTRONIX / ANRITSU and other industry-reference fiber optic test sets to guarantee our Fiber Optics are compatible to everything with no defects.
  • Pulling Kevlar (patented) is free standard included and best to pull our cables through conduits and walls with no-risk the pulling mechanism brakes-off during the operations.
    Unlike other manufacturers who offers a " pulling eye " crimped on the cable, with our PureFIBER CABLES you pull the real Kevlar strands which runs inside the cable along the whole cable.
    To our pre terminated fiber optic cables simply attach a fish tape or the old cable to our kevlar strand out from the tip of our included braided sleeves and pull.
    Our Kevlar strand will pull the cable, without any risk to stretch the cable (unstretchable), without the risk to detach from the cable (the kevlar runs along the whole cable), while the fiber connectors are relaxed in our free-included braided sleeves, wrapped in any-contaminants plastic.
  • All Cables 100ft and above will be placed on a spool for easy installation. Cables under 100ft will be neatly air spooled.

Cable Manufacture Features and Characteristics:

  • Multimode OM3 50/125 PureFIBER Ultra Fiber Wavelength – 850/1300nm
  • Link Length: 300 meters (100Gb/s@850nm)
  • Bandwidth (EMB High Performance): 2000MHz.km@850nm
  • Aqua Jacket Color
  • Plenum Rated – PVC Flame Retardant
  • 900 µm Tight Buffers
  • Exclusive use of PureFIBER® Ultra Optical Fibers
  • Jacket print ensures product identification and fiber type
  • Heavy duty distribution jacket offers protection during installation and in rugged use applications.
  • Aramid Kevlar yarn strength reinforcement inside jacket
  • Temps: Storage -40ºC to +70ºC Operation 0ºC to +70ºC
  • Outer Diameter: 2&4 Strand -- 4.4mm / 6 Strand – 4.8mm / 8-12 Strand – 5.8mm / 18 – 24 Strand –7.8mm / 36 - 48 Strand - 10mm
  • Min Bend Radius Installation/Operation: 2&4 Strand – 3cm, 6 Strand – 4cm, 8-12 Strand – 5cm / 18 – 24 Strand –8cm / 36 - 48 Strand - 10mm
  • All components materials meet FCC / CE / RoHS / REACH Directive standards

Technical Specifications

HydraVIEW-24-MPO Main Cable

Pre-Terminated Flexible Fiber Optic
Our Professional Ultra High Speed multimedia pre terminated Fiber Optic cables makes every data & multimedia installations simple anywhere, with ready-for-signals plug 'n play connections without requiring expensive converters adapters.
Where standard fiber cables does nothing, our PureFIBER cables connects Audio, Video, Data, Bus, Smart Home, Fiber Internet, USB, VR, Controls, Alarms, Telephones, and all the ultimate signals direct of via common keystones wall plates.
Braided Sleeve Ready to Pull (patented)
Pre-Terminated connectors ready to plug and use without requiring any long or difficult on-site fiber termination job.
Connectors comes protected by a plastic wrap plus an outer Nylon braided sleeve, ready for any construction site, weather-proof.
A Kevlar Strands cord attach to any Fish Tape or Old Cables to pull the PureFIBER cable through anywhere, also very crowded conduits with 90 degrees turns, without any risk to damage the fibers.
Our cable can pull through a 3/4" conduit leaving space for any extra or pre-existing cable.
Fiber Optics
FOUR MPO Female connectors with 6 OM3 Multi Mode Fiber Optics each - ( 1-to-6 - 7/8/9/10/11/12 are NC)
Each Fiber strand supports 100 Gigabit/s Speed
Total Cable Bandwidth over 4 MPO is 2.4 Terabit/s
MPO connection standard is TYPE-A Straight (1to1 - 6to6), no crossing.
MPO can be connected direct or via MPO Keystones through wall plates
Cable Ratings
CL3 FT4 Fire Rated for commercial & residential applications
UV Rated can be used directly exposed to sun light outdoor, water-rain-weather resistant.
Can be buried in conduits, resist to outdoor moisture.
In-Wall Rated, Plenum, In-Conduit, In Door, Out Door.
Operating Temperature Typ. -40°C to +105°C
Outer Jacket Diameter 10 millimeters
Max Pull Diameter (at largest connectors point) 0.58 inches / 14.77 millimeters

HDMI 2.1 Terminations (Sold Separately)

Detachable Fiber Optic HDMI Termination (patented)
World-Wide Exclusive patented 8K Removable Fiber optic termination FIBER PLUGS allow to pass the main cable anywhere then connect the HDMI, reducing the required diameter of the main fiber cable to pass in any conduit without the risk of damaging the HDMI connectors.
Removable HDMI connectors can be replaced at any time without the need to replace the entire cable, making the PureFIBER solution ideal for Home, residential, commercial integration, replacing slow cat6/7/8 extension solutions which also limits the HDMI quality to max 10 gigabit, bottleneck of the cable speed.
Both terminations require a common USB-A 5volts continuous power (50 milliampere) in order to share commands also when the TV/Projector/Amplifier/Sources are turned Off, at the time these are turned on.
Full HDMI 2.1 HD/4K/8K/10K
Our FIBER PLUGS fiber optic HDMI extenders terminations supports all HDMI formats up to the latest HDMI 2.1 48 gigabit.
Specifications includes:
- Fiber Optic laser transmission for pure error-free noise-free connection of video & sound no copper cable can do.
- Full Compatibility with any legacy HDMI TMDS up to HDMI 2.1 FRL 48gigabit/s full speed
- Full Compatibility with any legacy HDCP up to HDCP 2.3 or Higher
- backwards compatible with earlier HDMI versions such as HDMI 1.3/1.4/2.0a/2.0b
- supports any resolution including SD HD 3D 4K 8K 10k
- Supports all frames rates including 4K@30 4K@60 4K@120Hz 8K@60 (and world-wide variants)
- Supports DSC 4K@240Hz
- Supports 4K@144Hz 4:4:4 Uncompressed
- Full 4:4:4 HDR10+ Uncompressed (HDMI 2.1 Standard FRL 48gigabit full speed)
- Dolby Atmos, THX, TRUE-HD, object-based audio, uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1, and 32-channel uncompressed audio
- Full Specs HDMI 2.1 including DSC, ALLM, QFT, QMS, VRR, Dynamic HDR,
Extended Length ARC over fiber (Patented)
Unique on the market our special Dedicated ARC over fiber Exclusive Priority link connects the sound from the TV or projector back to the AV receiver up to 330 Feet (100 meters) away in the basement or electrical closet without losing the original surround quality while playing movies or apps on the smart TV. Since there is no compression, no wire-sharing with other signals, our ARC sound quality is Pure-Perfect, same as the original, with no loss.  Supported formats are standard ARC Dolby Digital.
Extended CEC Remote Controls
FIBER PLUGS includes our Enhanced Hi-Velocity CEC over fiber Consumer Electronic Control link enabling the discovery and control of all the connected HDMI cec devices directly from the TV or Projector remote control, without the need for multiple remote controls.  Simply connect your TV or Projector with our PureFIBER Cable to the AV receiver away in the basement or closet, and the TV/Projector will find all the devices.
For the proper operation of the CEC, the Fiber Plugs USB power cords must be connected to a permanent standard 5 Volts source, same as a phone charger, also available on power strips, with minimal requirement of 50 milliamperes.  Using the USB power on devices is also possible however when the device is turned off, no cec commands can send to the other side of the cable.  Only legacy old HDMI devices or non-cec capable devices will not be discovered, and for these simply use our Fiber Docking accessory..

Fiber Breakout Pigtail (sold separately)

MPO To 12 LC Single Fibers
- Use Two Pigtails one per each side of the cable
Breakout 12 Fibers from one MPO fiber connector (main cable) to 12 single LC-Style single fibers connectors (OM3 Multimode Standard)
Breakout 6 Fibers when used with our MPO Y Splitter
Each LC Fiber Connector provides 100 Gigabit of full fiber speed.
Each LC Fiber connector is COLOR-CODED making it simple to connect the same color both sides of the cable for a wanted connection.
Each LC Fiber connector is independent and has its own bandwidth independent from any other signal in the cable.
Connects Any Expansion
Multiple simultaneous expansions / terminations can be connected using the single LC Fiber connectors such as
- Additional Ethernet adapters to create separated newtorks (smart-home divided from internet) or KIDS SAFE Networks
- WiFi access points
- Extra HDMI Screens or sources (up to 12 extra HDMI 2.0b 128gbps HDR 4K60 4:4:4 on the same cable)
- One or multiple KVM Keyboard Video Mouse connectors to create meeting desks or home offices leaving the computers away
- Audio over Fiber
- Controls over Fiber
- RS232 over fiber
- IR over Fiber
- Any device with an SFP Fiber slot can be connected
- Future TVs with SFP ONLY network access will be connected using ONE single fiber (up to 12 TVs 8K)
- And more as Fiber optic is the future
Can Pass via wall plate
Connect the Main cable inside the wall to an MPO Fiber Keystone.
Plug the Pig Tail from outside to the wall plate.
Connect all the devices to each single fiber
The 12 LC Fiber Plugs Pig Tail is 1 ft (30 centimeters) long and connect all the devices locally to the wall plate attached to the wall near by
Usually the wall plate and devices can be behind the TV or Monitor screens, or at the projector, hiding all the connections and extra devices.
Where needed, each of the LC Fiber connectors can be extended as needed with no loss using simple LC Coupler & patch cords to connect devices away from the wall plate such as on a desk, under a desk, or so.
Longer Pig Tails are also available upon request to fit any installation need.

Fiber Ethernet (sold separately)

Fiber To 4 Ports Ethernet
Single LC Fiber To 4 Ports Gigabit Layer-2 Adapter Hi-Performance Network Switch
Requires Just one single LC Fiber plug from the available ones using the LC Pig Tail Break out accessory (sold separately)
Convert 4 ports Gigabit Ethernet to Fiber with Zero Ping Lag for maximum performances on HD 4K 8K internet streaming, Internet TV, On-Line Gaming, Smart TV playback eliminating LAN Buffering or speed drops, Virtual Reality, Youtube broadcasting, Social Media, HD 4K 8K Live meeting, etc.
Full Modem Speed to the Room
Eliminates the Lag and speed drop or speed fluctuation caused by CAT-5/6/7 cables, delivering the full modem speed over fiber to each room.
Multiple Devices
Four Ethernet full-speed ports to connects Smart TV access/streaming, Smart Home HUBs in the room within the reach of smart devices such as lights, sensors, curtains, etc.., VOIP Phone, Wired Computer internet access, Gaming Consoles, in-room wifi AP access point repeaters, or any other combination.
On the Electrical Closet or cabinet side of the cable another 4 Port adapter connects to the Main modem delivering the full modem speed to other local devices (layer-2 switch) plus the room via fiber.
Multiple Cables to multiple rooms will have multiple of these 4 Ports adapters, so the first connects to the internet modem and then daisy-chain to the other 4 ports devices, creating a powerful scalable multi-port switch in the closet.
Simplify Fiber Internet Distribution
Where a Fiber Optic Internet Modem is installed, the PureFIBER PRO cable can connect the modem SFP fiber output directly to one of the available Fiber connectors, delivering Pure Fiber connection to the room.
In the room one of the 4 PORTS fiber to RJ45 Ethernet adapter will transform the fiber link from the modem to Electric for the classic ethernet devices connection

Fiber Docking (sold separately)

Fiber To Multiple Signals
Single LC Fiber To simultaneous:
- Two USB 2.0 PORTS to connect Keyboards, Mouse, Printers, Controllers, providing also the needed power
- IR Infrared Blaster 3.5mm port for Room to other side of the cable remote controls (basement, closet, cabinet). IR Eyes are included
- RS232 D9 standard connector to remote control any serial device with all standard speeds.
- HDMI 2.0b 18gbps HDR 4K60hz supporting All Formats as per HDMI 2.0b - no ARC/eARC
Requires Just one single LC Fiber plug from the available ones using the LC Pig Tail Break out accessory (sold separately)
Ideal expansion to connect Home Office, Offices, Meeting Tables, Home Entertainment computers, leaving the computer away in closet or basement.   Multiple Fiber Docking / Multiple Computers can be connected on the same cable simply using multiple Fiber Docking Sets over different LC plugs from the cable.  This accessory coexists with other at the same time on the same cable such as Ethernet, vr, etc.

USB-C 3.x (sold separately)

Full USB 3.x at any distance
Our USB-C termination accessory connects full featured / full speed USB 3.0/1/2 or higher over fiber without any lag or loss.
This accessory is ideal to connect VR Virtual Reality HeadSets over the same PureFIBER ULTRA Cable using our MPO "Y" splitter accessory, making it possible to connect both the HDMI 2.1 4K 8K link plus a full VR virtual reality on the same cable.
The USB-C accessory cable is 50 feet long to connect any device or the VR Headset away from the wall plate.
This accessory also provide the needed Power via the included AC power block to recharge VR Headsets or devices.
Our USB-C accessory termination is compatible with any USB-C 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.2 / 3.x device.

Install the Cable & Decide Later what to connect

Connect anything Today & Tomorrow
A vast range of accessories are available to connect anything.
It is common to install the cable with a wall plate to each room or desk then add out of the wall plate any termination needed time by time.
Available Accessories & Terminations includes:
- HDMI 2.1 Termination Cords ( up to TWO HDMI 4K/8K 2.1 48Giga over the same cable, also bi-directional)
- DP Display Port Termination Cords
- USB-C 3.2 termination cords (computer or Virtual Reality or any USB-C 3.x such as Web Cams, or other devices)
- USB + Keyboard + Mouse + IR + 232 + HDMI4K60 Combo Termination box
- Fiber Splitters to connect mode devices out of the wall plate plug
Each LC Fiber connector is COLOR-CODED making it simple to connect the same color both sides of the cable for a wanted connection.
Each LC Fiber connector is independent and has its own bandwidth independent from any other signal in the cable.
Connects Any Expansion
Multiple simultaneous expansions / terminations can be connected using the single LC Fiber connectors such as
- Additional Ethernet adapters to create separated networks (smart-home divided from internet) or KIDS SAFE Networks
- WiFi access points
- Extra HDMI Screens or sources (up to 12 extra HDMI 2.0b 128gbps HDR 4K60 4:4:4 on the same cable)
- One or multiple KVM Keyboard Video Mouse connectors to create meeting desks or home offices leaving the computers away
- Audio over Fiber
- Controls over Fiber
- RS232 over fiber
- IR over Fiber
- Any device with an SFP Fiber slot can be connected
- Future TVs with SFP ONLY network access will be connected using ONE single fiber (up to 12 TVs 8K)
- Any Future Device, without changing the cable